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October 06 2005
well today has been one of those days!!!
got sick in a class had to leave to get something to eat!!!
i hurt my arm in bowling!!!
i wish Julie and Dena were here to watch One Tree Hill with me!!!
im missing Patricks hugs!!!
i want to live in the country!!!!
im off to eat!

Love Through Christ!


October 05 2005
i work to much and the effect are starting to show!! lol!!!
feel asleep in my reading class and my teacher gave me a absent!!!
didnt make it to church im sad...i almost got sick at work today b/c i didnt have anything to eat! so i came home after work!
off to write a paper and math!

Love Through Christ!


October 04 2005
well today im just feeling blah!!! dont really know whats wrong! didnt get much sleep last night at all!!! running on about 4 hours of sleep! ver unusal for me!!! lol!!!
didnt get my book read..my teacher gave me till tomorrow!!!
not looking forward to work tomorrow!
goin to work out tonight!
AO tomorrow night to!!! looking forward to it!

Love Through Christ!

ya know....

October 03 2005
ya know sometimes its hard not having a certain friend around!!! since tha beginning of the summer i have had a really hard time with this! i guess its time to just let Go!!! its in Gods hands now!

work today was interesting...if you know what happened just ask!!!

writin a paper...i really feel like i need to go to intercession tonight!!!
i have to read over a hundred papers by 11:30 tomorrow!!! blah!

i need a break!!

Love Through Christ!


October 02 2005
i eat to much!!!!

Love Through Christ!

hahah last night!!!

October 01 2005
nate: the night is young!
jennifer: but im old!!!

last night was a fun night!!! to many memories to put in one post!! but yeah!
went to wally world...saw Kaycie...i havent seen her since graduation!!! wow it made me realize that some of tha ppl that i went to school with ill never see again or i see everday!!! its kinda of a odd feeling!!!

forget about the reasons why you cant in life
and start to try!

i really started thinking about a lot of stuff! about my future really! what am i gonna do w/ my life? who do i want to be??? stuff like that! i guess its all up to God at this point bc i have no clue!

Through another day, another trial
Another chance to reconcile
To One who sees past all I've seen,
and reaching out my weary hand,
I pray that you'd understand,
You're the only one who's faithful to me

have a wonderful day! go outside its really pretty!!!

Love Through Christ!

another wonderful day....

September 30 2005
Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
~Proverbs 31:30

wow this week has been great!!! i havent had a week like this in a while!!! im really thankful!
the Lord has really blessed me!!!
im off tomorrow YAY!!! have a wedding and then tha MTSU vs Vandy game!!!
i love weddings!! i cant wait till my own! well actually i can wait b/c i havent met tha guy that God has for me yet!!! that i can wait for!!!

Love Through Christ!

beautiful days..

September 29 2005
today is sooo beautiful!!!
makes you want to go outside!! i know i did!! lol!!!
i finally passed something in reading!!! i got really excited!!! 1 down 7 more to go!!!
i beat alex in bowling today!!! i love you alex!
i got scores of 108, and 127....GO ME!!!
got a email today from Dena!! i miss her soo much!
and i got paid today!!!
today was just a great day all together!!!

ive decided i want to go bungee jumping, ski diving, and to see Julie, Eliz and Ashley!!!

Love Through Christ!


September 28 2005
why is it soo hard to say I MISS YOU to someone when you know they dont care!!

im extremely exhausted!!! work and school have completely drained everything in me!! my boss noticed it today! but she completely understands and im soo thankful for that!!! im soo happy that i have a boss that truely loves the Lord just as much as i do!!

right now i could go for a exteme vacation to like sixflags or something new!!!

Love Through Christ!


September 27 2005
ya know....im reading ppl xanga and tha ppl that went to UTK im happy you went there! God wants you there for a reason! but tha ppl that say..."if you didnt come to UT your a loser", "MTSU is just like one big high school" think what you want i guess!!! for once i am happy im at MTSU!!! God wants me here! yes at one point i wanted to go to UTK but now looking back i was gonna be going there for al tha wrong reasons!!! God does some amazing things!!!

Love Through Christ


September 26 2005
God has a time and season for everything!

Love Through Christ!


September 25 2005
well im back on my medicine for my foot!
back to going to tha doctor!
i thought i was through w/ this!!! :(

Patrick Jason Young and Lauren came and saw me at work!!! i was surprised i was only expecting Jason! lol! i love you guys! thanks!

this morning in sunday school was amazing!!! i have learned soo much!!!

got a ton of school work to do!
watchin Extreme Home Makeover!!! i love this show!!!
well im out!

Love Through Christ!

pS Thanks for all tha AMAZING comments!!

tha past....

September 24 2005
last night was hard for me....it was tha first football game i have paid for in 4 years...just being there and not on tha field with the team was really tuff!! brought back way to many memories for me!!! on tha way to tha church i just started crying....
it was lyns first time to ever see the band!!! lol!!! i was happy for him!!!

i found $3.57 at work today!! YAY!! go me!!
Jason was at tha game!! boy have i missed him!!! im happy he is home for at least 2 days! lol!!!

well back to work i go!!! adios!!

Love Through Christ!


September 22 2005
Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord
Let the earth hear His voice
Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord
Let the people Rejoice

wow this week has been really tuff for me!
so many things going on!
i just want to thank Jamie and Nate for being there when i needed someone!!! thanks!!!!

o yes no more AOL and xanga for me:
if you want to talk to me then message me on here or facebook or email me:

Love Through Christ!

tuff times....

September 20 2005
when times get tuff.....
all i can do is Praise the Lord!!!!

last night at intercession....God showed me so much! i have been down about a lot of things...espeically my friends that dont live here anymoe...God showed me even though they arent here w/ me daily that i do have some amazing friends that care for me here in tha Boro!!! God also showed me that all i need is him right now!!!

but i think work has takin over my life!!
me and my dad have been dicussing a new vechile for me...
i have a lot of school work to do!! blah!!
im ready for AO tomorrow night!!!

Love Though Christ!


September 17 2005
i got a pair of nike shocks, 2 pairs of nice dress shoes, 2 abercrombie jeans for amy, 4 books, 8 tshirts and one blue jean jacket....for $2.50!!! wooo hoooo im happy!!!

soo a lot has been happening in my life!!! its been crazy!!! but fun!!!
im missing a couple ppl!!
tha Band of the Blue did an amazing job tonight...it reminds me a lot of tha band at BHS!!!
well im gonna go eat!!!

Love Through Christ!


September 15 2005
wel its 12:15 and i am still awake....yes rachel is still awake..someone should take a picture!!!!
went and saw Jeff play tonight he did an amazing job!!!!
rachael said tonight at dinner exactly what i have been feeling for about 2 weeks now...im glad someone esle feels tha same way!!!
well i think im gonna go to beddy! night!

Love Through Christ!


September 14 2005
Even when my Heart is torn, I will Praise You Lord!

right now that is just sooo comforting!!! i have been going through soo much lately! its crazy! i have been reading my bible a lot lately! its been a blessing to me!
school is hard...there i admitted it!!! i really dislike my reading teacher..she makes me feel stupid at everything i do!!!
yeah im at home supposed to be doing some school work but decided not to do it!!!
im excited!! i took off work for tha AO Fall Retreat!!! i know its like a month or so away but i took off..im happy!!
right now i could just yell and scream at one person right now...she is driving me crazy!!!

Love Through Christ!


September 13 2005
tonight i had JGroups im really happy i went this week!!! tha gurls im with are really amazing! and im looking forward to gettin to know them!!!

these past couple days have been hard...please pray for me!! thanks!!!

Love Through Christ!

i dont know why....

September 11 2005
i dont really know why i write in this thing everyday...i guess one main reason would be b/c its my only way of letting...Julie Eliz Ashley Patrick and Jason know what is happening in my life!!! but o well!

im really not wanting to get up and go to school and work tomorrow!!! but i guess i will!

wow this morning in service was hard...they showed a video with Bruces parents specking and the Drivers...yeah i cried!
church was good both this morning and tonight!

my flesh and heart may fall but God is the strength of my Heart and my portion forever...

i dont know why im writtin these long entrys no one reads long entrys! i think it may be that i have soo much i want ppl to know its hard! ya know! o wel!
im off to bed!

Love Through Christ!


September 10 2005
this entry is kinda long(luv ya sarah lol)

God has been showing me som real things that i have been needed to hear and see!!! its crazy! i love him though!

wow....today at work was crazy insane...yeah those are good words!! there was only 4 of us workin today no wait thats not counting a manager!!! soo 5! lol!!! pretty sure no one paid attention to tha schedule today! it was soo busy! at the end of tha day about 7:00( i was supposed to get off at 6...didnt happen) i had clothes in my hand and Jake goes "Rach go home" and takes tha clothes and clocks me out!!

i love my job though!!! we have helped a ton of families...not counting just ppl that were by themseleves from the hurricane!!! thats a GOD THING!!!

soo pretty sure its been about a week and a half since i had surgey on my foot!!! ahhh im excited! its lookin a whole lot better than before i had tha surgey!!! i can wait to not wear a bandage!

didnt make it to tha MTSU game tonight..im watching it on TV though!!! ill make next weeks game b/c i get off early next saturday but i have to work till close on wednesday which really stinks b/c ill miss church! :(

well...a lot has been happening!!! i was reading a friend of mines xanga site! and something happened to mine friends stuff!! im sorry to say this im glad that happened maybe he wouldnt be obessed w/ it!!! ahhhh that makes me soo mad! sorry im completely over that but still it makes me mad everynow and then!!!

okay long enough!!!

Love Through Christ!


September 09 2005
wellll...today so far hasnt been good!!!
not feeling welll...need to cut back on all tha junk food!!
okay..i have a pink ribbon on my car for breast cancer....pretty sure someone STOLE IT!!!! i wasnt happy!!!

i think the most important thing about this entry is that....well it looks like im NOT going to TENNESSEE TECH next fall! God wants me here! im not sure yet what i want to do but i know im gonna be graduating from MTSU not TTU!!! but o well! i think i should obey God on this whole thing! unless he decides to change his mind!!!

everyone going on tha retreat this weekend! have fun! ill miss you all stay safe! luv ya!

Love Through Christ!


September 08 2005
was not a great day in my book!!!!
got my paper in on time....but my disk didnt save it soo i had to email it to myself which sucks!!!
cant go on tha retreat this weekend!! im sad about that!!!

tha good part of tha day...
got tha Jack Johnson, Chris Cagle, and Dierks Bentley CDS today!!!
bowling was a blast!!!

well im off to work out!!!

Love Through Christ!


September 07 2005
Join with the angels
Singing Holy Holy
Our hearts Rejoice in
Singing Glory Glory

this week.....well hasnt been tha best!!!
im sick!!
im behind in school which sucks!!!
i have a paper due at 9:30 in tha morning!
im soo sleepy!!!
i have had fun w/ Jamie this week!!!
"What Was I thinkin" lol!!!

pretty sure im jsust ready for some stuff to be over...i thought it was all over and in tha past but i guess i was wrong about that one!

because of you......its hard to trust again!!!

Love Through Christ!

working out!!!

September 06 2005
my legs feel like jelly!!! I LOVE IT!!!
pretty sure me and Jamie got off our lazy butts and went and worked out tonight!!!
my new fav thing to do! if anyone wants to come w/ us just let me know!!!
chad ended up showing up but no biggie..it just made want to work out harder!!

soo my entrys have been useless but really nothing majoring happening in my life!!!

i try to go on like i never knew you, im awake but my world is half asleep, i prayed for this heart to be unbroken but without you all im going to be is imcomplete....

Love Through Christ!