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September 02 2005
well!!! college!! what can i say!! i like it!!! im getting used to all tha work but yeah ill be fine!!!
my classes are great!!! i think my fav is my Math class!!! mrs fisher is a great teacher!!!! im actually learning things that my teachers in high school never taught me!!!! lol!!! which is good i guess!!
college is soo different from High school!!! i went up to blackman today to get something from Mrs Rhome....during a class change!!! i felt old! i was like wow im soo glad im out of here!! soo many memories came back some good and yet some i didnt want to remeber!!! yall ppl in high school dont complain about tha work load....there is more in college!!! soo get used to it!!!
i had to drop a class...and im probably gonna have to cut back on hours at work...i didnt want to drop my class and i really dont want to cut back on hours!!! but i have to keep my grades up and keep my schlorship!!!
im soo happy i see ppl i know everyday!!! i have met some new ppl in each class!!! they are really nice!!
well i have to go to work now! adios!

Love Through Christ!

Laura Polis

September 02 2005
I can totally relate on the whole going back to BHS thing. . .