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I Wait For the Lord....running!

August 13 2005
I Wait for you Lord
My Soul Waits
I Wait for you Lord

In Your Word I place my Trust
In Your Word I Rest
In Your Word I Place my Trust
For I know I must, Wait

I Wait for You Lord
My Soul Waits
I Wait for the Lord

God is sooo amazing!!! He has been teaching me soo much...mainly WAITING and haveing PATIENCE!!! it is soo hard but yet he works eveything out in time and when im ready!!

tha past couple days....i have gottin griff over who i have been hanging out w/....Julie Eliz Ashley Dena and Patrick leave in a week or soo! Im spending as much time as i can w/ them! everyone that is staying here for school I have all this year to hang out i dont w/ these ppl!!!

i could go for a long hard run right now...far away from here!!!

everytime i look at Tennessee Techs website...i fall in love w/ the campus, the atmosphere all over again! but yet God hasnt shown me y im at MTSU!

Love Through Christ!


August 13 2005
you could have said "hey I'm hanging out with whoever" instead of "something came up" thas what hurt.


August 13 2005
i love you rach! i'm gonna miss you sooo much!!


August 13 2005
maybe you are at middle to meet the amazing friends who you've meet in the past few weeks with AO? who knows just a thought...


August 13 2005
It will all turn out great! Extremely needy friends are sometimes hard to deal with. I know because I can be a needy friend at times. Just slap me if I get annoying. I won't be offended :)


August 13 2005
Guys that hit girls should be castrated.

Jamie Smith

August 14 2005
I love you Rachel I hope Im not one buggin ya for ya time!! hahaha all I ask for is my ice cream buddy lol!!! I love ya sweets and dont worry bout ppl given ya grieve if they really knew how you feel they would understand!!! I love ya hun ice cream later tonight Ill give ya a call!!

Julie Brockwell

August 14 2005
Hey you!! Im gonna beat those up that have been saying that!!! I am one of the ones that is leaving and I need to spend alot of time with my RACHIE-RACH!!! So to all of you who are wanting to spend time with her..Give it up!! I have got her till I leave!!! LOL!!! J/K!! But I would like to see her more times b/f i leave!!