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pizza sause........

August 10 2005
okay i decided to have pizza for dinner! well of course im oven challenged(my mom says i better find a husband who can cook or i need to learn fast) soo of course i just used tha microwave well my pizza got done and all of a sudden the pizza sause that was on tha pizza was everywhere all over my plate then i got it all over me to! it was crazy!! o well im not a big pizza sause person! lol!!!

Love Through Christ!


August 10 2005
ahh you and lyn have the same profile pic and it confuses me when i go to the friend's digest section! lol...love you! see you on friday! i'll call you before then!


August 10 2005
:o) haha...i like laughing at you...but i guess we've been laughing at each other for...well...what? 19 yrs now (haha since i'm counting b4 we were born!haha!)...haha...later sis!

jennifer griffin

August 11 2005
the cooking skills over here arent so great either... i've exploded a few pizzas in the microwave in my day too


August 11 2005
Ha ha... silly Rachel...