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a friend....storms..and more!!!

August 06 2005
hi eveyone!!!!
a friend of mine...well i met her my junior year..when she was a senior...was struck my lighting! i didnt know till this morning!! her and her boyfriend are doing fine now they are home but can everyone just keep them in your prayers!! thanks!!!

this afternoon has been scary!!!! got home earlyer and it started to storm...well i decided to take a shower..b4 it got really bad!!! well all of a sudden it got bad and tha power went out!! lol!!! it was just a lil scary!!! lol!!! okay it was a lot scary!! lol!!!

my family is looking to build a new house!! we went lookin around at floor plans today!!! i like shopping for a house its fun!! found one that we liked but my mom wants some different things! soo yeah! this could be hard!! my mom is kinda picky!! lol!!! o well i would be to if i was buying it!!!

hanging out w/ Patrick Whitney and Jessica!! should be fun!!! lol!! YAY!!!

Love Through Christ!

lisa marie

August 06 2005
oh wow... i'll definitely be praying!


August 06 2005
i know i saw that in the paper today! i met casi (i don't remember which way she spells it...lol) my freshman year! and their baby is soo cute! love ya!


August 06 2005
Hanging out on the sidewalk was fun! Maybe next time, I'll make it before they close. :)

Shannon Barron

August 06 2005
Hey Girl!!! I love you lots and I am praying for you!!! Call me sometime!! PLEASE!! I would love to talk to you!!!