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July 21 2005
Every gift reveals Gods love....but no gift reveals his love more than the gifts of the cross. They came, not wrapped in paper, but in passion. Not placed around a tree, but a cross. And not covered with ribbions, but sprinkled with blood.
~Max Lucado.."He Chose the Nails"

wow...im reading an amazing book....i was lookin through andis books and i remerber ashley saying this was a really good book!! and i only read tha 1st chapter tonight and it was great!!! really opened my eyes!!! i recommend this book even tho im only in tha 1st chapter!!!

well today....an eventful day:
Blaze...ate my flip flop
Blaze woke me up at 6 am b/c he got sick off tha cookies my sister left on tha table and he decided to eat!!!
went to eat w/ robins family
church was awesome tonight!!! i loved the music.....here is what i learned...
Lord, this world has nothing for me
I will follow you.
it was amazing what the kids a MFUGE did...i just hope we have an awesome time in New York like they did at mfuge!!!
things are insane in my life!! at tha moment..some of you have no idea!! but o well!!! things will get better!!! God is always with me!!!
Love Through Christ


July 21 2005
he ate ur flip flop???


July 21 2005
Awesome stuff. And who is Blaze? Is this some dog or some other critter someone failed to tell me about? Or is there some random boy with a strange name running about and eating cookies and flip-flops at 6 AM?

Brittany Dickens

July 22 2005
RACHEL! Robin & I were talking about you last night....do you wanna go to the U.T. vs. Georgia game with us?!?! It's October 8th...we were like "Who else should we invite that is a HUGE U.T. fan?" and we were both like "RACHEL!!! Talk to ya later! Love ya girl! brit

Brittany Dickens

July 23 2005
Actually, they need temporary help! I think she will start you off at $7 an hour, if your interested, comment me back and I will call you with the details! love ya girl! _brit