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July 17 2005
wow....i had such a great time this weekend!!!

went w/ AO to Six Flags in KY!!! im sooo happy i got to go! i had such an amazing time!! ill have to show yall pictures!!

i was really thinking at tha beginning of tha trip i dont know anyone besides..justin josh amy graham and jennifer...and i dont want to go!! but i got brave and stayed on tha trip and im sooo happy i did!!!

me and Nate Tallman did a ride at Six Flags...well i wouldnt call it a ride but it was like this gaint swing and we got dropped i guess tha only way to show yall is to put tha picture up!!! it was sooo much fun but yet sooo scary!! ill have to find it and show yall!!!

God has shown me soo much through this trip! im soo happy i got plugged in w/ the college minstry at tha beginning of the summer!!! i have had a blast!!! ive been out of my comfort zone many times this weekend and i love it!!! i know im here at MTSU for a reason but im not sure yet!!!

Love through Christ!

Rachael Moore

July 17 2005
aww yay! i am glad you had fun!


July 17 2005
I'm glad you had fun! I missed you!!! Next time ya'll go, I'm sooo going!

Anna Miller

July 17 2005
I work at Taevan's Lube Center ((Pennzoil)) on Old Fort Pkwy next to Zaxby's. . . how fitting for me, lol.

Jennifer Hood

July 17 2005
I am sooo glad you went. I had such an awesome time hanging out with you. You can be my "ride buddy" anyday!! I am so excited about the amazing ways that God is going to bless your life in college. I love you!

Jamie Smith

July 17 2005
YAY my rachel is back I missed ya girl definantly time for some ice cream haha love ya

Elisabeth Barber

July 17 2005
:) how are youuu?


July 18 2005
So glad you went! You got more guts than i do, I wouldn't have done that "ride", those things terrify me! AO is going to be awesome in the fall and full of stuff just like this weekend!


July 18 2005
We flew! I'm so glad you guys came on this trip. Meeting new people is always heartwarming.