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December 17 2005

God shows the littlest thing to me when im not execpting them!!!

got new tires November 27th
today had to take my car and get 2 new tires!
one had a screw in it
the 2nd one had 2 nails!!!
AHHHH!!! to much money involved!!

the world is crazy!!!
i dont like shopping at Christmas!
and i hate working in retail over Christmas!!!

got hit on by a 12 year old!!
a old lady tried to marry me off to her grandson in the store!!!

patrick bday tomorrow!!! wooo hoo!!

im off to game night!

Love Through Christ!

Carrie McComas

December 17 2005
I hear you on the working retail during Christmas. That qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment. But hang in there. Maybe you can be an encouragement to a coworker.