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i have a question....

December 08 2005

what does it mean to...

put someone in there place???

please give me what you think it means!
b/c im confused!!!

i passed my 2 hardest exams YES!!!

Love Through Christ!

Anna Miller

December 08 2005
Well, it's an expression that ((to me)) means that you've told someone off. For example "I put him in his place and told him he could do his own dang homework after he refused to help me with mine." Cheesy example, but it was what I could come up with, lol. And YES for passing hard exams!


December 08 2005
YAY!!! That's awesome about passing!!! Hopefully I can say the same thing after next week!!! Love you!

the brian king kenobi

December 08 2005
putting someone in their place is telling them where they belong and who they are better/worse than.


December 08 2005
You weren't in the band!

Jimmy Dillon

December 08 2005
I think it means when someone has they're head up their backside or way up in the clouds and you just flat out tell them what they are doing and that they need to change.


December 08 2005
... These answers are disturbing.