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November 03 2005

rachel: i just saw a shooting star
nate: thats awesome. make a wish. Make it a good one!
nate: what'd you wish?
rachel: im not telling you then it wouldnt come true!
nate: Lol! i wont tell anyone Oh well!

jamie: you can put your feet up now
rachel: yes...o wait those guys are over there MAN!

GOD IS AMAZING!!!! he never ceases to amaze me! even when im not having a good day!

i love having a friend that is going through tha same things as me!!!!

i want to go back!

Love Through Christ!

Jamie Smith

November 03 2005
Aww Rach tonight was soo much fun! We must do movie nights every thursday lol! I love ya!


November 04 2005
I'm thinking of running away, going back to east TN just for a week or so.


November 04 2005
That's an awesome picture!

Julie Brockwell

November 04 2005
That is such a pretty picture!!! I wish i could go there to!! Well I hope you are having a great weekend!! I am here alone!! BOO!! LOL!! I will talk to you later!!


November 04 2005
that's a great picture!