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October 27 2005

when you think that your day is gonna end horrible your best friend calls and says lets get ice cream!!!!

gosh i dont know what i would do without Jamie! thanks gurl for everything!!! i love ya!!!!

got a 96 on my math test
got to sleep in
got a 158 on a game in blowing...bet Alex and Chasen!!
i pumped my own gas today by myself with no one with me...it was my 1st time!!! im proud of my myself!!

Love Through Christ!


October 27 2005
i love you rachel. piece

Jason Thacker

October 27 2005
I am proud of you rach

Jamie Smith

October 27 2005
YAY Im super excited tonight was fun! Hope those pants fit!! I love ya girl and I felt so lost walking to the KUC by myself today haha! Well see ya tomorrow Love Ya!


October 27 2005
Maybe someday I can teach you how to change your oil. No... baby steps... next you can learn to check the fluids.