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October 20 2005

feeling better! thanks Patrick and Nate for tha call and text!

had a blast tonight with Jamie!!!
"go go power rangers"
"do i look hot in these boots"

saw Kash, Sarah, Lauren, Jake(tha guy i work with, and his girlfriend all at Marble Slab tonight!!! it was the place to be!!!

for once i want a guy who doesnt flirt with every girl they see! ya know!! ahhhh

Love Through Christ!


October 20 2005
i know what you mean about the whole flirting thing. i hate it when i'm hanging out with a girl and she flirts with a bunch of other guys. you dont do that cuase your cool. piece

Jamie Smith

October 20 2005
Aww Rach Tonight was a BLAST!!!!!! Go Go Power Rangers!! what a hoot!! and I really am goin to buy those eskimoa(spelling) boots jujst bc he said I looked hot in them! hahaha and the guy was CUTE lol!! Well I love ya girl tons of fun!!!!!


October 20 2005
gotcha :)