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dr. phil

September 28 2005
im watching Dr. Phil and its all about perscription drug use. It talks about what Tom Cruise says about medications for the brain. Personally im mad at Tom for what hes been saying about postpardum depression and perscription drugs used for a psychiatric reason. Tom has never had postpardum depression and he dosnt know crap about it! ALso, he disagrees with psychiatric practices. He says "I know the backround of psychiatry, you dont". yeah and ummmm lets think about this......... oh yeah! he has to be right since he went to medical school and all and is a certified doctor and is, you know, the smartest person ever. NOT. okay where does Tom find the authority to say something like that!? plus, Nicole Kidman, his ex wife, was interviewed and my mom thinks she heard that Nicole's dad is a psychiatrist. HMMMMMMMMM? lets seeeeeeeeeeee. suspicious? well thats it for me! im mad! im going to go to the BHS vs. KCD feild hockey game and then go to my practice. sOoOoOoO ill sign in later! xOoX

pray for hilton!



October 21 2005
i love dr. phil