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September 25 2005
right well today is sunday! im am so in the harry potter mood! im like the only person who ever gets those.... OH well! Its that time when i get into this magicky mood, turn on my HP soundtrack wip out the book or go downstairs sign into and chat with some fellow obsessees about it! well i was just on harrypotter website and i put up a post about the theories that are WACK that seem to be circulating nowadays. just fill you in on how much i adore harry potter- i own: all books on hardback, 3 dvds, trading cards, soundtrack, Harry potter uno cards, calendar, 2 poster books, and various other collectibles! I have read the series 5 times (not including the sixth book which took me less than 8 hours to read!) oh and i show up for the showings of the movies the day of! MAN! dont you just love a good book!? well im gonna go now but leave me a message! xOoX
pray for hilton!


September 26 2005
Dude I was totally in a Harry Potter mood this weekend too. I read like 200 pages of the new book on Saturday


October 21 2005
harry potter, wats w/ tha guy? u all must b weird, but maybe its just b/c i dont like to read, o well, hav fun geeko's haha funny word, cya sunday