sleep by J. Wilson

May 22 2006

hey everyone! so yea apparntly we have changed youth names. yea i will still be putting announcements and stuff on here from Wednesday and Sundays. so yea check here if you missed a sunday also if we cancell guys rec during the season of guys rec i will be posting it up on here. So yea one more day and can't wait. I guess since this is a church site i need to give some spiritual wisdom (what i am thinking) maybe a tidbit. But yea!

jarrod wilson one of our leaders writes these blogs on myspace (really good by the way) so i will leave you with a word from him! peace! -hambone

"Sleep" A Tidbit from the wise Mr. Jarrod Wilson!!

"I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus." (1 Thess. 4:13-14, NKJV)

If Christianity is a mere fantasy, and the Bible a mere religious book, then its cruelest hoax would be its assertion that people who believe in Christ will live forever after they die. It is not sympathy to give someone false hope, it is cruelty. But if the Bible is true - if Jesus did rise from the dead - then the gospel message is irresistable, for it offers the only real hope to mankind. I believe by faith that it is real, and it is on this belief that I commit not only my own life, but urge others to as well. The mystery will someday be revealed to each of us. Until then, I am firmly assured that it is true


April 23 2006
"Invisible Children" Screening

Tonight, Sunday, April 22

Belle Aire Baptist
Youth Area

6 PM

Please come if you are interested or want to see the film. Or if you

aren't sure what it is or whatever reason. I hope to see you there!!!


March 16 2006

hey everyone- pictures of aslan on on clint's phusebox if you haven't seen them already! later- stephen


March 09 2006


8:00 pm update - I called chris and he said she is drugged up pretty good and it expected to deliver around 8:30 or 9:00 tonight!! i should have an update on here around 9:30 or so. As soon as i know this thing will be updated! later-stephen

10:30 am update- Weighing in at 8 lbs 4 oz BABY NADEAU!! i do not know the time but all is well with dad, mom, and baby!! later- stephen


March 09 2006

rachel nadeau has gone into labor!

pray for clint because he's a nervous wreck!!! 

Passion 06: "The Second Bundle"

February 20 2006
hey all you christian music lovers! tomorrow the 2nd bundle of songs
from passion 06 comes out on itunes. Here is what is included on it:

Tomlin's Made to Worship and an acoustic version of c.hall's center!
also included is louie's first talk: "Satisfaction" This all leads up
to the full release of the cd on April 4th the title of the full length
cd is Passion 06: "Everything Glorious" so check it out tomorrow on
itunes!! -stephen


February 11 2006
Hey everyone- two posts in the matter of 24 hours! IT"S A MIRACLE!! Well i just got off the phone from chris and WE ARE HAVING THE VALENTINES BANQUET!!!! so if you are signed up to help be there at the time you were told to be there!!


February 10 2006
Well 3 for the Son has been over and now we are getting ready for One Weekend 2006 Events!! You should have got info on that in the mail if you haven't got that you can pick it up in the youth area on sunday or wednesday! The deadline for signups is February 15th. On February 22nd BJ Hunt and Friends are putting on a worship concert for a cd in the AO Space @ 6:30 come on out and support these guys!! Hope everyone is having a great week and we look foward to seeing everyone on Sunday!! God Bless!

Announcements for 12.06.2005 and Themes for D Now 06

December 06 2005

1. This Week in Diversion- Clint is talking about sin and BJ and the band are leading worship.

2. Guy's Basketball v. St. Mark This thursday at 6:30 @ St. Rose Gym

3. Themes for Disciple Now 2006

3 for the Son (Jr. High)- "Reality Check" (January 27-29)

Worship by: Youth Praise Band

Speaker: Guy from Philly M-Fuge (Can't remember his name)

One Weekend (Sr. High)- "At All Cost" (February 24-26)

Worship by:

Speaker: Aaron Coe from New Hope New York and pastor of the  in Manhattan.

More details to come about D Now 2006!

Check out our website @

Announcements for 12.06.2005 and Themes for D Now 06

December 06 2005

1. This Week in Diversion- Clint is talking about sin and BJ and the band are leading worship.

2. Guy's Basketball v. St. Mark This thursday at 6:30 @ St. Rose Gym

3. Themes for Disciple Now 2006

3 for the Son (Jr. High)- "Reality Check" (January 27-29)

Worship by: Youth Praise Band

Speaker: Guy from Philly M-Fuge (Can't remember his name)

One Weekend (Sr. High)- "At All Cost" (February 24-26)

Worship by: BJ Hunt and Band

Speaker: Aaron Coe from New Hope New York and pastor of the  in Manhattan.

More details to come about D Now 2006!


November 15 2005
Visit this website for photos of the Fall Retreat

Opening Night

November 09 2005
well! basketball season kicks off tomorrow night come on out and support your 2005-2006 B.A.Y. Basketball Team at 8:30 pm at St. Rose. hope to see you all there! Good Luck Basketball!

Schedule Time

November 07 2005
Here is the schedule for the Belle Aire Guys Basketball Team

10th- v. Providence @ 8:30 pm
17th- v. St. Rose @ 6:30 pm
1st- v. FUMC @ 8:30 pm
8th- v. St. Marks @ 6:30 pm
15th- v. World Outreach @ 7:30 pm
5th- Providence @ 8:30 pm
12th- St. Rose @ 7:30 pm
19st- v. FUMC @ 7:30 pm

26th- v. St. Marks @ 6:30 pm
2nd- v. World Outreach @ 7:30 pm

Its Basketball Time at Belle Aire by: Stephen Hamby

November 04 2005
Well next thursday the guys of the Proxy 521 ministies will kick off their 05-06 basketball season.  This year come with a variety of challenges with loses of Robert Lewis, Jacob Craig, and Parker Shipp due to graduation. Returning this season is Ben Moser, Haden Campbell, Alex Lewis, Garrett Haynes, Ben Yeargen, and Stephen Hamby. They will also be accompanied by new players that will consist of Tyler Tipton, Riley Clark, Matt Goodman, Chas and Michael Petrone, John King, Christian Taylor, Wil Sloan, and Tyler Minor. This team has a lot of potential and talent. One other returnee is the coach of the BABC guys John McCain. So come on out and support your 2005-2006 Belle Aire Boys Basetball Team. The schedule has not been announced but will be on here asap!


September 30 2005
This Sunday at 4pm The Diversion Youth Group will scrimmage the Alpha Omega Flag Football Team. The next three Sundays that follow will be real games between the two teams.

Rules of the Flag Football game.

1)Rushers CAN NOT use there hands in pursuing the QB. Likewise, Blockers CAN NOT use thier hands to block for the QB...or their hips and feet. Blockers must have thier arms behind their back. The key is to keep your feet moving.

2) Once the football is caught the receiver must extend the football out in front of himself. Tucking the football is illegal as it is considered flag guarding. Flag guarding is where you place the football and/or your arms beside your flag to prohibit a defender from pulling your flag. Again, this is bad. Don't do it. Illegal it is, says, Yoda.

3)You can rush the QB as many times as you want. There are no "5 Mississippi's."

4) There is NO TACKLING, PUSHING, OR SHOVING. Any such offense will be dealt with swiftly by a very disenchanted and peeved, Clint Nadeau.

5) Bad attittudes and cry babying will not be allowed. Leave them at home with any alcoholic beverages and tobacco products you might indulge better not be using that poo-poo tasting stuff!

6) In the event of a punt situation. The team that is punting can not move while the punter is punting. Any movement will result in a penalty. The punter must stand behind the line of guys on his team.

6)The Diversion Youth group team will play all members of their team. Any one who comes to play will play.

7) Read Rule 5 again...because I know somebody will not follow it.

8) You can use motion plays, reverses, hand-offs, laterals, and pitches to move your offense. No forward laterals. The QB can rush as many times as he wants.

9)Once the ball touches the ground in any situation it is DEAD. There are no fumbles.

10) We will play until the sunlight runs out or Jesus comes back.

11)Above all else, representing Jesus is why we are playing. For 3 months now Guys Rec. has been designed to help you guys have a Christ-like attitiude as you play sports. Sunday will show who "got it" and "who didn't." Any demonstration of a poor attitiude will not only be very embarrassing for you and humilating but also a good way to willing wipe Jesus Christ's Name in the sewer. Pray now that everyone will display a Christ-like attitude. Don't be "that guy" thatbreaks this rule.

If there are any questions ask me Sunday mornning. May I suggest that you who read this from the youth group to pick a captin. The captin will call the plays and keep the order of the team. Remember ENCOURAGEMENT is the name of the game and the best play to call every time. Feel free to invite your parents. No pets please because doggie ka-ka on the bottom of cleats does compliment the carpet in my apartment...Plus, it smells like...well, dog stuff. And we all hate the smell of that!

I'm excited to play Sunday. Our team needs the practice because we are a little rusty. Have an awesome weekend and see y'all at Chris's wedding.

Fighting the Good Fight of Faith,



September 26 2005
AO Flag Football Team
The Proxy 521 Guys Rec Team!

4:00 pm at the One Goal Field on Sunday (Oct. 2)

You will not want to miss this matchup!

Announcements for 09.25.05

September 23 2005
Well the week has come yes if you are reading this on saturday we are officially 7 days from our youth ministry being a married man! so yea his wedding is @ 2:00 pm on October 1st @ Belle Aire all youth from BABC are invited. Also this wednesday chris and emily will be speaking on their courtship and how they met. Also, guys rec will start at 5:00 from now on because we are running out of daylight! REPEAT, GUYS REC WILL BEGIN @ 5:00 instead of 6:00pm. Lets see what else, oh yea the fall retreat is coming up it going to be an awesome time and teaching and worship. Our speaker is Charles Hampton and our theme is "Awaken." Be praying for Charles, Chris, Clint, BJ, and Stephen as they prepare for fall retreat. Fall retreat is Nov. 5-6, 2005. More details to come! that is all! have a great weekend -proxy521 ministries

Lockin Tomorrow Night

August 18 2005
Well it has been a while since i have updated but the lockin with northside and belle aire is tomorrow night. you might be saying i wish i could go call the church and check!!

If you are planning on coming then you MUST have a MTSU AND Belle Aire Medical Release on file in order to participate!

Also!! Guys bring a 2 liter and Girls bring chips!

Worship is going to very late so it is going to be awesome. worship is led by bj and the band and northside is bringing a speaker and they say he is amazing you will not want to miss it. ttul- proxy521 ministries

Resturant Raid

August 10 2005

Paint the Town

August 05 2005
Thanks to all those who prayed for us as we went to Paint the Town last week! If you would like to know in depth of what happened check out some of our phusebox's!! hope you all have a great week! -proxy 521 ministries