oh my jeezs!! storms suck!!

November 15 2005

               hey guys!! wow its stormin and i am terrified of storms so i decided to get on the computer to get my mind off of it!! gah the news is like crazy the weatehr woman like freaks out so i change the channel and go to a channel that is like not like "TORNADO WARNING!! EVERYONE GET TO THE LOWEST PART OF UR HOUSE!! TAKE COVER!!" just things like that! lol but im serious im am sooo scared of storms! living out in walter hill, yeah i said it WALTER HILL, we go through tornados all the time and i HATE it!! ever since that last one touched down in my neighborhood ive been like, "what? a storm!!" lol yeah well pretty sure this entry makes no since but im scared and i just sayin things that dont even go together. but  i think im gonna stop typin cause yall are prob. confused enough as it is!! lol well hope everyone has a better night than mine!!


November 15 2005
yea, i dont really like them either. they are pretty scary. but o well, thanks for sayin hey, and here is me giving u a remark back. HEY, HOPE U HAVE A GREAT DAY TOMORROW. CYA!!!!!!!


November 16 2005
aww...haha...I love storms