May 03 2006

so we went to my grandparents this weekend.
it was a great trip. i got some great "picture-taking time" in =)
here are a few of them...

their pond

the barn

flowers are my favorite =)

a little flower shed..

a bell thats in their yard

my grandpa was a POW in the korean war

i dont know what it is.. its antique and i like it, though

haha.. their mailbox.. i thought it was cute

my grandma has alot of pretty flowers

the wagon..

this is a little portion of the land they own.. its beautiful!
some more pretty flowers..

the road

when we were sitting on the fence

the horses

thats my horsie.. dave =)

dolly and dixie.. i dont know where the other two are?

random picture from the field

before we went and rode

my daddy fixing the briddle

caroline on her horse, dolly


i love that picture..


May 03 2006
who names there horse dave. wierd people.. like you : ]

Ben Moser

May 04 2006
those are some good photos kaitlyn! your sisters and you are unique, i like that last photo too!


May 06 2006
well thanks. for the encouaraging remarks. : ] what a pal

Chelsea Turner

May 06 2006
so im awfully sorry that im no fun... =( oh well you'll get over it! hah i love you and yes this summer is going to be a SWELL one indeed!

ami driver

May 06 2006
i loveee those pics! too cute.. well i had fun tonight-- volleyball+ blankets+ chinese doughnuts= an amazingg time!


May 06 2006
Well kaitlin my love I loved this weekend and you were the reason why I lvoe hangin out with you we have so much fun and make amazing lasting memorys...You help me through so much and I know one thing i'm already gettin over IT thanks to you and everybody thats helped me with IT...lol I lvoe you so so much and can't wait to see you in the moring have an awesome night love ya so much...and you can get through everything...I can't imagine how hard it is but I know that with the strength God has given you that you can get through this love ya beautiful


May 06 2006
WOW that remark was extremely long yahooo...lol =)

Chelsea Turner

May 07 2006
I LOVE MY LIL' KAITLIN GAY!!!(i really do know how to spell your name..i swear!) HAHA MAN OH MAN!!! WE NEED TO HANG OUT MISS KAITLIN!!! I NKJJKNVIENVIEHVIHIEHGVIENVIHVIVINENKKVLSNVJKBEDVGOUIjghbghvbio;sghbvislkjnbio;BUHVGJUBVUJRBHJRBIHOENBKSWBNJSRBHIOENBIOHREBIRBIRWNB.......so i just had a random urge to do that...sorry...so yeah well i hope you are having a SPLENTIFICULAR(i made a new word!) DAY!!! <333

Chelsea Turner

May 07 2006
Aww...were you having a bad day?? im sorry...but i do love you oh so so oh so MUCH!!! And thats the way...THE GRAPE PLOPS!!! HECK YEA!!!