Jay Jay (a new song)

November 01 2006
jay jay,
let me drift off to sleep
let me swim in your oceans
for i've not slept for weeks
send me your gentle fin
to swim by your side, forever
i tell you now, this love,
i can not hide
these days grow hard
and they grow long
you know even roman's failed
when they were strong
i guess i'm not invincible
as i once thought...

she'll drown you inside your deepest dreams
she's a free swimmer at heart
she's an angel, she's a picses
she's so free, i swear it hurts
but yet she makes this feel so real
it's her greatest strength
but also her achille's heel
please come to shore to take you home
you're so much greater than you may have known
let me reel you in and take you home
with me
(end chorus)

Jay jay,
please take me home with you
send me cross your open sea
this still crest just won't do
send me a gentle thought
to hold by my heart, forever
i tell you now, this wish,
i fail to part
oh it strikes hard
with force that's strong
and these stormy nights grow more
vicious and long
it seems i'm not invincible
as i once thought...


the memories help relax me
the future, i don't know
the dark waters you swim
are plagued in sorrow
please swim safe
my marlin angel
avoid the hook
and killing angle
i'll be your distraction
if only you ask...


beth cooper

November 01 2006
oh wow thats amazing.