The Weight of the World on your Shoulders

October 16 2006
i see no signs of hope
to renew the light
but still press on
to a brand new day..
in the darkness i lie
praying for the touch of God
but to try and leave would be insane..

They are all around
in twos and threes..
Go alone and you
Shall surely die..
But if you take my hand
We'll run together
Take this darkness
Kiss is it all goodbye...

Take a giant leap
Then a sigh of hope
we're the greatest thing
for we're earth's only hope
let us take our role
with the greatest modesty
then fight
for the world abroad...

Meagan McCann

October 16 2006
i like this one! alot...... amazing aaron... yepp amazing

Jessica Jo

October 16 2006
This one is really good. I like it a lot. ;-)