May 13 2006

okay so i thought i should update one last time.. i was getting sick and tired of looking at the last entry wich is full of shit. welll.. at least the first part.



me & my bf Marcus Lee Nichols

sam and me. yes.. i look different than i did before in all of my other pics.

goodbye forever.


March 06 2006


this post is for you. only because i love you. and you asked me too.

anyone else want to talk.. find me on myspace or xanga. later loves.



February 17 2006

he is amazing.

done with phusebox.



February 09 2006

yeah.. things that have been goin on lately..

  • got my nose pierced

  • military ball is tomorrow nite!

  • super humongus crush

  • myspace is a total killer

  • Vday is coming up.. <3

  • & i honestly dont kno what else..

yeah & i didnt get a single comment last entry

probably wont this entry either..

so this is gonna be my last post

but you can still find me on myspace and xanga.



December 30 2005

okay.. so i guess ill update.

   not diddly squat has been goin on .. i hadda good Christmas.. um got everything i wanted



but hey.. not everyone gets there way.. yea

 well im about to go to the movies with Melanie.

were gonna see.. 

harry potter.

yeah.. its gonna be my first time seeing it.. how gay is that¿

well im out.

Holly :]


December 15 2005

and when im gone just carry on dont mourn rejoice everytime you hear the sound of my voice just kno that .. im lookin down on you smilin.. and i didnt feel a thang so baby dont feel no pain

      just smile back.

when im gone   -  eminem <3 of course.

heh.. yeah .. whatever.


December 06 2005

well.. me and my cousin are cool again. so happy. i havent hung out with her since like october bcos of our beef well yeah

 the End.

yup ..missed her.


December 02 2005

okay new entry..

          um not much has been happening. its the weekend and i have absolutely no plans. bcos my friends are either grounded or live in woodbury. or i just dont kno there number lol. well um here are some random and usless pics but go ahead and check them out.. make something of them.


  alan ladd.. class leader in rotc.. or one of them.. and also my neighbor.


Rebecca Layne and Me. in rotc

Matthew Williams.. rotc

s. robinson and cooper

lee cooper

Melanie Scott outside playing with my camera.with jessica.while everyone else was playing fball

haha my oldest brother trey drawn at islands of adventure in FL.


me drawn in FL

and then my second oldest brother patrick drawn

well ..yeah. there you go. leave "remarks"



November 24 2005

happy thanksgiving everyone!

   as you can see i got a new profile picture.. i think its funny and random. lol. well um not much has been happening.. but ill update with the [411].. on my xanga maybe tomorrow or tonite.. so yeah.



November 18 2005

got new pictures on my xanga as of NOW.. and some in a bit.. soo

   go check them out. what are you waiting for?


leave comments if you like them..




November 16 2005

ehh.. not really into phusebox.  i cant help myself. im such a xanga nerd. lol.. well we'll see if this lasts any longer.. who knos.



my brother. gosh i miss him. i never get to see him nemore.. and when he goes off to the military/army w/e.. idk what im gonna do with myself.. :(

a guy.

November 14 2005

I met this guy..

   like just now.. this tonite. yea..

at a basketball game or two..

  and he is like woah.

no name tho.. (secret).

  but i got his number.. and a few pictures. on my



 well cya .. "cause im outtie.. tell these guys somethin they dont kno bout me" -b rabbit from 8mile.. :)



 idk how its gonna work with this one..

hei is bi.. grr.

my weekend

November 10 2005

       i..holly cathey..

get to hangout with the wonderful ..

keaton bethany Garner!! my best buddy ever

..yes.. we will make more..

crazily cute pictures..

   Coming Soon.. to



 ..pics as of now.. go look.


holly cathey

3rd times a charm

November 07 2005

okay.. this has to be like my 3rd myspace.. but i keep forgetting about the other ones.. so i guess im new again.. ? ill get better at it later.. BUT make sure you make me a friend :)..

  much love,