this weekend was rad..

August 22 2005

photo from oh_so_pretty

photo from oh_so_pretty

photo from oh_so_pretty
camp pictures woo hoo! bout time huh. well school has officially started and i can tell its going to be a pretty hard year with all the classes i have to take. but i mean ive heard that junior year is pretty hard yeah. it'll be cool. lots of stuff to be excited im defiently looking forward to this cross country season. already have some amazingly cool kids in my classes and the schedule totally rocks.
but on another this weekend was MUCHO fun. went to the game on friday night. got to watch siegel vs riverdale. yeah it was cool. later me and julie hit siegel elementary playground where we just happend to bump into abby and allie=) so that was fun. so um later we went home and went to bed because we had a meet earlyyy the next day. that was pretty cool we ran the 5k and ive never run that before. but yeah so im just rambeling buuut i hope that u guys have a great week! much love


August 22 2005
haha. my great photography skills. you need to send me all the pics we took. =) mucho love


August 23 2005
The swing picture looks fun!


August 28 2005
hey great job at the meet saturday!!! you did great!

Darth Vader

September 01 2005
I like the swingin pic thats cool

ami driver

September 04 2005
lovely pic..


September 05 2005
Cole!!! I love you!!!! Megan!

Maribeth Taglio

September 05 2005
cole brown! i love you! haha i just made me one of these! heh but yeah i love you!


September 14 2005
Hey girl ok either its a school thing or i'm havin a blonde moment because I so don't see the swing picture i'm lost well whatever looks like you ahd a good time I hope you come to church tonight I really miss you PLEASE COME!!!!!! lol well i'll ttylg bye love ya Abi

Alex Lewis

September 17 2005
You are definately my HERO!!!!


September 22 2005
Hey girl love ya bye Abi

Garrett Haynes

October 05 2005
hey cole i love u


October 06 2005
iduno what to say jsut droppin by talk to ya later i luv ya peace

katie boles

October 26 2005
cole brown!! u are the best!!

the coolest person you will ever mee

January 14 2006
aww cole you are amazing!1