this weekend was rad..

August 22 2005

photo from oh_so_pretty

photo from oh_so_pretty

photo from oh_so_pretty
camp pictures woo hoo! bout time huh. well school has officially started and i can tell its going to be a pretty hard year with all the classes i have to take. but i mean ive heard that junior year is pretty hard yeah. it'll be cool. lots of stuff to be excited im defiently looking forward to this cross country season. already have some amazingly cool kids in my classes and the schedule totally rocks.
but on another this weekend was MUCHO fun. went to the game on friday night. got to watch siegel vs riverdale. yeah it was cool. later me and julie hit siegel elementary playground where we just happend to bump into abby and allie=) so that was fun. so um later we went home and went to bed because we had a meet earlyyy the next day. that was pretty cool we ran the 5k and ive never run that before. but yeah so im just rambeling buuut i hope that u guys have a great week! much love


July 13 2005
good day. very good day. well basically all of it was boring..but most of it was good. didnt do much of anything..went to bellacinos tonight and got to hang out with pretty much the coolest kids ever. so that was alot of fun. the guy gave me 2 cookies for the price of one AND heated them up in the oven. yeah..cant be much better than that. in 2 weeks we leave for cross country camp then the week after that i leave for florida. soo needless to say im very much excited about these upcoming weeks. well i dont have much else to say..hope you all have a DELIGHTFUL weekend

ps happy 4th

July 03 2005
everyone needs to hear pleasant words; so many people are enduring hard times..and if you will just take the time to say some pleasant words to someone, you will have a significant affect on the person because they will forever appreciate the kind words you said. you may never fully understand how much you helped them. but soon, because of your influence on them, you will be able to see how you helped change them for the better.

have a happy 4th!!

life is good.

June 18 2005
ya know..ive learned something new just about everyday this week. i learned how to play halo (sure, everyone else totally kicked my tail..but at least i know how to play now) i learned how to save my energy when i run distance so i can sprint at the very end. i also learned how to play "i can only imagine" on the panio. cool eh?! hope you all have a great weekend

uuh huh..

June 09 2005
i dont know what to write so this will be random. ive played volleyball pretty much everyday this week..thats cool. i miss new york way to much. summer is absolutly amazing. right now im reading this book called "the purpose driven life" im not a big reader at all..pretty much the only thing i read is seventeen. what you do is read one chaper a day for 40 days..simple enough. yesterday when i was reading and one thing really stuck out to me "without a purpose, life is a motion without meaning, activity without direction, and events without reason." to make it simple..without God, life has no purpose, and without a purpose life has no meaning.

on another started out soo beautiful outside! now its raining pretty hard and thundering. its sorta nice. well..i dont really know what to write so this will be random. summer has been going great. still not doing to much. cross country practice has started up so its fun to see everyone again and begin running more regularly. yep, life is good.

dont worry about tomorow, tomorow will worry about itself. each day has enough trouble of its own. matthew 6:34

i just love that verse..

woah oh yeah yeah!!

June 03 2005
soo this summer has been absolutly delightful. havent done much of anything..just hung out alot and played jailbreak almost everynight with some pretty cool kids=] cant complain right. well i finally got a phusebox thing..thanks nathan! i dont really have much else to say so ill stop rambeling and finish this on up. i love you all hope your having a fun summer. dont forget to let god bless your day..

when memories fade
weve got each other
when time and confusion collide
i hold it all when i hold you
woah oh yeah yeahhh!!

thats defiently the best song everrr..