my real first entry

July 21 2005
wassup folks this is my really really first entry. lauren was just pushing me out of the way so i couldnt do anything. what she says about my car is half true. yes im getting a new car but im still keeping my mustang. i would never get rid of that thing. then i would be mustang sally anymore. im not sure what i want. obviously something more fuel economical. my job requires that i drive about 55-60 miles a day and i cant be driving a car that has 12 miles to the gallon. i wouldnt have any money. well i must depart. peace

ok ok it's lauren- but just listen

July 20 2005
so here's what happened, eddie was over at my house last night and i was like 'hey you should get a phusebox' and he was like 'i'd never update it' and i said 'i'll update it for you' so he was like ok. so yes it is lauren, but in a way it's really eddie. and i'm sure he'll update himself from time to time. we just got bored. but all the stuff said in the previous entry- all that's very true. i'm his inspiration for life.

in real eddie news- he's finally going to trade his mustang for something more efficient. i told him to get a jeep. he said no...we'll see about that.

my first entry

July 19 2005
dear everyone,

i love lauren nicdao with all my heart and soul and being. she is the light of my life and i should never ever open my gay mouth and offend her again. i'm over at her house right now and she's being so nice and buring cds for me! what a friend. i love her so so much. peace out. leave comments.