tough week

July 22 2005
since sunday night, i probably have had the worst week of my life. sunday night, i was invited to a party where most of my friends were there. i had a blast there then when it was over i realized i had to say goodbye. i really havent felt the effects of graduation yet because i see my friends on a regular basis. the hardest person to say goodbye to was my younglife leader. he has been such a great friend to me these past two years. we've done some pretty crazy stuff together. he is moving back to his hometown of jackson, tn and probably wont see him for a long while. after almost getting choked up saying goodbye to him, it was then i realized that some of my other friends i probably will never see them again. some are going to ut, cumberland, motlow, and other colleges around the region. i began to feel a lot of mixed emotions all at the same time and i felt numb. all throughout this week i have been saying goodbye to a lot of people. on thursday afternoon, i was playing frisbee golf with my good friends josh carroll and he told me that he was leaving next weekend. well i going to be gone for two weeks and i wont be able to see him before he leaves. it kinda took me off guard because i thought he wasnt leaving until august. so the next time i see him wont be until his wedding date. i dont know it just been a rough week for me because i hate saying goodbye. it makes it seem like youre never going to see someone again. well as i said before, i am going to be gone for two weeks. i am going to north carolina to a younglife camp and i am going to mow lawns and maintain the camp. the campers will be kids from the inner cities like detroit, nyc, miami, and chicago. its going to be awesome. if you would like to send me a letter while i am away, you may do so. heres the address:
Eddie Sally
Work Crew
Windy Gap
120 Cole Cove Road
Weaverville, NC 28787
see you when i get back. peace


July 23 2005
Everything will be alright. Saying goodbye and adjusting to change is never easy, but it is always for the best.


July 23 2005
theres a letter in the mail

Alex Lewis

July 30 2005
You will always have me as a friend Edwardo!!