my real first entry

July 21 2005
wassup folks this is my really really first entry. lauren was just pushing me out of the way so i couldnt do anything. what she says about my car is half true. yes im getting a new car but im still keeping my mustang. i would never get rid of that thing. then i would be mustang sally anymore. im not sure what i want. obviously something more fuel economical. my job requires that i drive about 55-60 miles a day and i cant be driving a car that has 12 miles to the gallon. i wouldnt have any money. well i must depart. peace

Nathan Moore

July 21 2005
YES! Eddie is finally here...


July 21 2005

Whitney Sanders

July 21 2005
EDDIE. . .I think you should get an SUV. . .so you can be just like ME!! haha JK!


July 21 2005
Yay the real Eddie has arrived! Anyhow, maybe you should get a Prius... you know, one of those hybrid cars... I dunno... well I hope you find something fuel efficient and I'm glad you're still keeping your Mustang!


July 21 2005
lol i see you've changed your music selection


July 22 2005
have fun where you are going see you when you get back