December 07 2005

at the request of abigail coleman, i decided to update. well i survived my first semester of college. it had its ups and downs. 15 page papers, 4 essays in one week, almost hitting a bird while flying a plane then almost landing on a coyote. ya it was great. got finals next week. at this point i couldnt be more happier to take a test because i know what is coming up.

i have almost become a younglife leader. i cannot wait for this opportunity. i go on a retreat in the middle of january, then get interviewed in march, then go out to the school i will be at after spring break. i dont kno what school i will be at but i really dont care one way or the other.

its christmas time. i love it. i think the best part about christmas is the music. i could listen to christmas music all the time. im not big on all the presents stuff. dont get me wrong i do like getting up on christmas morning and seeing what santa brought me. i just like what i have already. friends and family. and of course Jesus. well if i dont see you before christmas, then i wish you a wonderful christmas and a terrific new year.


December 08 2005
Watch out wildlife, Eddie's flying!!!

Whitney Sanders

December 09 2005
good luck on your exams..have a good christmas!!! ENJOY our month and half off from SCHOOL!!!!! <>whitney<>

Garrett Haynes

December 11 2005
ha yeah I was in for quite a car like did a 360. It was crazy. Weird that u saw me but i didn't see you. Usually your march I sticks out and i'm likey Hey! That's Eddie!

Anna Miller

December 14 2005
hm. i think you and i have psychology together next semester.