June 25 2005
Some Things I love:

When Sarah picks out dresses for me.
Strange rap
Michael's house....and the cat i'm going to steal.
Brian S....lol

mmm, it's been a good week...if only one conversation didn't happen.

I'm think I might start my summer reading/math. Should I or should I wait 'til the week before school? Hmmm...

I smell glue...and I want to throw up.

June 23 2005
I keep saying the wrong things and it makes me feel like a bad person. I'm just dumb like that. Arrg....I'm in a bad mood.

Picnic/Mall/Cards/Sonic was nice.

Whoever is calling me from "private number" you seriously need to stop. That isn't cool at all. It's okay for normal prank phone calls but not like that. OMG! They just called( no joke). I'm going to kill them. No fun.......

time for emo music...lol.


June 22 2005
Picnic tomorrow!!! 1:00 at kids castle. Bring food. Afterwards, we're going bowling and maybe back to my house. If you just want to go bowling and wanna know when we get there call my cell(631-7630)


Last night was pretty DANG fun. Courtney and I got to eat with Carlton's family after Fazoli's. ( & you wonder why I hate trying new food....losers) Yeah, I still loved it.

Short verison:...

June 20 2005
I heard a story today from a friend and it was very hard for me to keep listening....I'm an idiot. I can't change anything and it will always be the same thing. If only I can change the past. If only...

Gosh......Sorry, I won't tell everything/anything really.Most of you know what's it about, most likely. Next year better be wonderful.

Dana, you better go "a huntin' ".

*sighs* I'm okay now...

I love you.

June 20 2005
Well...life is boring and i still love it.

Yesterday, My mom and I just let my dad relax and watch golf * I have to play golf with him next week-woot?*
We went to the mall where I found the best dress in the world. Mmm, I want it- too bad it cost $190. Then, my mom made a big deal/ scene about prom.(Don't ask about it.)
On a good note: My mom said she would pay around 1/2 the cost of breast implants. *score* I doubt I will get them, but it's good to know that considering they cost a lot.

hmm...I think I saw Curly at church, but I'm not sure. Damn, bad vision. I tried not to stare and that's nice of me. I LOVE red hair.

Picnic on Thursday, then bowling, and maybe back to my house for jailbreak(?) & a movie. Details later, tell me if you wanna go.

Question: Do you believe in love?


June 18 2005
Tuesday: Brittany's b-day thingamig. Good times. Sara is the best driver in the world. lol. Awesome advice: Always make your straw happy. Gosh, ....*wink wink*

Friday/This morning: I went shopping with Blakey. He is so fun to shop with.Kinda strange, but awesome. Then, we went to OCharleys(sp?) to hang out with Sarah,Graciepoo,Mady, and the Jane. I wish I could be as cool as Blakey. He is the cute,cool one out of the family. No fair. Let me go die now...At least I have steak sauce from ocharleys?haha....Later on, I went over to Gracie's to spend the night where Mady and I fell in love with Cameron. He earned MAJOR cool points.
I learned that there might be a Hitler Jr. Let's hope not...
We watched "Moulin Rouge". Great movie...I want to fall in love...one day, hopefully. And, I want to be skinny...and pretty...and talented.Hmm..,yeah, pretty sure- that isn't cool nor going to happen.:( I'm not that lucky. If I were to find someone completely opposite of what i fall for, that would be awesome. Hopefully, he would actually talk to me around his friends/in public.*rolls eyes*

Who wants to have a 24 hr day where you do a lot of activities? From scav. hunts - movies-etc.

Question of the day: Do you think it's too feminine to call a guy pretty?

Love, Stephanie

P.S. : please pray for my brother/his trip. I shall miss him oh, so very much.


June 16 2005
I did something dumb...again. Life would be so much better without "it". I need to complain to someone...

Question: Who wants to have a week full of parties/ get togethers?

~Haircut tomorrow. I'm thinking about getting it really short and dying it sometime...opinions?~


June 12 2005
Today's sermon was great. I couldn't stop smiling that whole time. Too bad Eric and Blake didn't come, they really should of heard it. It made me realize how much I miss being active in a church. I miss going to youth every sunday night with a friend. One day, I will find a youth group again...

**PSSSSSSST...Cameron is a fairy. - I have no clue who said that.**

I really want to go out to Cali./Mexico. Dumb mom.


June 10 2005
Last night, Blake and I put BBQ sauce in my parents' bed...and an apple...and a hot wheels car...and a vacuum. It wasn't noticeable.

other news: YOU are wonderful.

I don't want to feel this way. I wish I could blame it on you, once again, but I guess I'm just an idiot. Everything was going great...I ruined it.I need a hug...


June 09 2005
(((Courtney, I have some quotes if you want them.)))

I just got done looking at my dance recital pictures. They are pretty good. If you wanna see them, I'll give you the site* only if I love you a lot*.

Mmm...I feel like making a mix cd- anyone want one?

" sale sex"
" I have 3 weiners...here."
~my mom~

I feel like having a GOOD conversation with someone. Call/ IM me.


June 08 2005
I finally thought of name. I found the comic for the shirts Krista and I were going to make and it made me happy." It's like an orgasm in my mouth!!!"... (Hopefully, I will own my own business.)

My stomach, top lip, and eyes hurt so much. Hug?

((( You should seriously see my top lip. It's...sex-ay.)))

Love you, Stephy.