July 01 2005
I'm getting tired of this......

Sarah Vermillion

July 02 2005
Mmm... "this." Yeah, me too. Actaully, I have no idea. That's the thing about pronouns - they're so vague! :p

Sara Read

July 02 2005
i'm tired. haha, that had nothing to do with your entry. oh well, your moms tired *burn*

Rachael Robertson

July 02 2005
yeah i am but you love me

Jane Woodard

July 02 2005
aren't we all

Michael Border-Line Pronounceable

July 02 2005
what's "this"? I'm sooo confused


July 02 2005
i saw you at Krogers too!!!

Tyler H.

July 03 2005
getting bored of your face...dam got burned

cole brown

July 03 2005
just saying heyyyyyy =D