March 09 2006

 "I don't smoke cigarettes. I drink chocolate milk."

Tonight was amazing thanks to my dance class. mmm...happiness.

Rebekah Minor

March 09 2006
III LLLOOOOVVVEEE YOU! you're so cool....

Rebekah Minor

March 09 2006
oh yeah, and my mom went to subway and ronnie waited on her...funny stuff

Sarah Vermillion

March 10 2006
I don't see why more people would drink chocolate milk instead of smoking cigarettes. Sounds like a great substitute to me.

Janelle Mitchell

March 19 2006
HEy STephanie!! YOU ROCK!! your the first person to ever say anything to me!! ehehe! have a nice day! i miss you!


March 21 2006
why not smoke a cigarette, then drink some chocolate milk?....i mean, at least cigarettes don't make you fat. They do run a chance of giving you cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...ride a bike..get testicular cancer, run around..get arthritis...smoke a cigarette and maybe get cancer...tell someone whats up..and you just might get hit,,a.k.a. just don't ever physically come between a smoker and their cigarettes..they will cut me