Who the Fuck?

May 19 2006

Just tell me if you messed with my car.

How Magical

April 23 2006
 I love being around you...


April 17 2006

 I'm just setting myself up for another heartbreak.

Life is so unpredictable.


March 09 2006

 "I don't smoke cigarettes. I drink chocolate milk."

Tonight was amazing thanks to my dance class. mmm...happiness.


March 04 2006

Just Why?


January 11 2006

I need someone I can tell all my secrets to.


November 01 2005



This is how it is suppose to be.

long hours of crying, wishing to be somewhere else, and all that good stuff....

yep...Junior year rocks...no matter what they say.

(I knew it.)

October 22 2005

This is going to be the year I finally break down...

I believe it will happen.


September 17 2005
I want to be a model...

All I need to do is: Lose 20 pounds and get plastic surgery.

Someone should bring me yummy soup and flowers(maybe?).

I didn't want things to change...

September 07 2005

I still love you guys.

Time for a random entry!

August 01 2005
Thursday was wonderful; from steak n shake to me rapping early in the morning. I'll never think of a pirates flag the same way.

My oldest Brother, Justin, got married Saturday. no one was invited- dumb losers.

News for those who know about it: The "competition" is over. It's no fun.

kissy kissy kissy.
haha, I love you guys.


July 26 2005
I'm back. I'll prolly write about it on xanga or you can ask me about it if you have to.

Pretty sure I'm going to be bored for the next 2 weeks. Dumb band geeks leaving me. Gosh...I'll have no one to hang out with. Losers...maybe I should try to rejoin band? haha

I have to have a party for Arbor Day.
I dyed my hair.
I gained weight. =(
I need help on my math work. Anyone want to help me?
I feel like going on a walk.

mmm...say you love me.

Someone save me!

July 19 2005
So, I'm bitchy and opinionated. Why do I even try?

It's one of those days...

July 17 2005
You just need to be with a close friend.

soooo....do you miss me? Haha, no? I knew it.


I need a hug right now. Ahhh!...pwease?

I need sleep...and a hug...

July 14 2005
I haven't had a good night's sleep in 4days.

Blakey, my twinkie, is coming home in 4hours!Gosh, I've missed him so freakin' much. I don't know what I would do without him.......maybe cry? I wish I could be more like him. How come he gets to be the pretty, cool twin? hahaa.

I leave tomorrow around 1. I HATE planes. Pray for me? or get me sleeping pills, either one? I'll be back Thursday night and I'm leaving Friday morning for Illinois.

Bad news: I have poison ivy on my knees. Just one year, one freakin' year- that's all i ask.


July 10 2005
7 people...7 people....7 people?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

In our small lil' house? No way. As much as I love Justin, that is insane. I would write more but I don't know for sure if they( him &Nadia) will have to live with us.

Good News: Blakey comes home Thursday!!!! Who wants to throw a big party?

I think it's time for cupcake day, Mady.....
Anyone want one?

I miss those Good Ol' Days...

July 06 2005
ehhh. Pretty sure I'm not in a good mood thanks to a certain someone. Hug ?

Last post was just to see what y'all would say. I like coffee though. I'm not in love with it like some people. Crazy people. It doesn't make me sick anymore. =) *Sara, you lost*

Good news: I'm in love...................jk.............
We found that crazy guy's phone number so we can report him. Dumb perv.

hmmmmm.....4th of July was good. I saw fireworks with a lot of people.yaaaaaaay. I feel like having a "get together". I know I can't though- that blows.

i loooooooove you.


July 04 2005
Starbucks/Coffee sucks....Yeah, I said it. I HATE IT. How could you like that crap?


July 01 2005
I'm getting tired of this......


June 26 2005
Today, I went to World Outreach Church. It's a nice (BIG) church. I saw Cody...ahh, those good ol' memories of science class. Dana, remember being in the office with Cody? hehe.

Who is up for a game of "Truth or Dare"?

*edit* Pretty sure I just messed up my wedding...*cries*