Siegel High School


March 24 2006

so, yeah. my life has been pretty good since the last time i updated this.

 = )

i went to formal a few weekends ago...

it was extremely fun!

i met this really cool guy this week...
and most likely he is going to be he only one to read this, since i havnt been using this thing since july.



July 22 2005
Fun in the Son was so awesome

i want to go back

FITS group

Joe is leaving...
i am going to miss him so much...

Photo From mitchell

June 30 2005

photo from mitchell

i have had an awesome week...a few people came over sunday and we hung out

then i went to the tyler hilton concert on tuesday...which was amazing...

then last night i went to blakes and hung out with a bunch of people for kaitlyn!

its been so awesome....

i love all of my friends

i dont want kaitlyn to leave...again...


June 20 2005

photo from mitchell

me driving = very scary...


June 15 2005 was fun!

I went to lunch out with my youth group...except i just kind of ate with Kate. We all went back to the church and hung out for a while.

I watched mean girls with kate today...i love that movie.

I worked at VBS tonight and courtney helped me. We only had 2 girls in our group, but it was bad. Oh well!

MISSION TRIP JULY 6-13! Can't wait!!!!

FUN IN THE SON JULY 17-22!!!!! Can't wait for that either!!!!


June 14 2005
howdy!..yeah...well..i saw this on someone's xanga and i thought it looked pretty here it is!