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yeah boyy

June 25 2005
wow has it been a while or what.. zach and i had our 6 month anniversary. were doin okay i suppose. i got my new phone on thursday.. finally! ha but i totally owe my mom 300 something dollars. =/ work is alright, but hey its some good money. i died my hair.. black. i like it verry much. well have a great week.


June 25 2005
Hey girl!..congratulations on you and Zach!!!..woo!..long time..hey what are you doin Monday???..well matt is wayy outta town..he left me..for Florida that won't be back til like Saturday..which is our 6 months! i haven't talked to him since like ohh..Wed. lol..but he did try to call Friday..but i wasn't here..oh me!


June 26 2005
hey my love i miss you! _kt

Nathan Bailey

July 02 2005
y0, congrats on the relationship with Zach. I haven't talk to that ninja in a while, let him knwo I said whats up? So Whats up with ya?.....catcha on the flip dudette... peace -Nathan_