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July 11 2005
so. what a day.. well week its been. working all week. zach and i got in a fight on tuesday, and didnt talk again till today. so now were 'taking time apart' and im not sure this one will work out. im scared, but i guess whatever happens will be for the best. i went to a docs appt today to find out why i get all these headaches.. and i have a CT scan on thursday. gosh, this completely sucks huh? well i hope you guys had a great week.. later

yeah boyy

June 25 2005
wow has it been a while or what.. zach and i had our 6 month anniversary. were doin okay i suppose. i got my new phone on thursday.. finally! ha but i totally owe my mom 300 something dollars. =/ work is alright, but hey its some good money. i died my hair.. black. i like it verry much. well have a great week.

jolly ranchers

June 12 2005
well i dont particularly know how to work this.. buuut, ill try. its wayy neater than xanga yo.