January 21 2006

me and mallory after the scary dance


November 22 2005

i hate to finally say this........but some people aren't worth trying for any longer, the time has passed for them to be redundant and sad, it's time for them to move on and leave many people out of their new life....only prayers can fix them now...


November 20 2005

A - Age of your first kiss:haha..i'd rather not say
B - Band you are listening to right now:Billy Curington

C - Crush:yay my lovely baby chuck!

D - Drink you drank last:Cherrylimeade
E - Easiest person to talk to:Jesus, Chuck, Mallory, my mommy

F - Favorite ice cream:mmhmm, does all of thyem count?

G - Gummy worms or gummy bears?:i say the cute cute little bears!

H - Height: 5'3"
I - Imaginary friend as a kid:ooo man, who knows i prolley had like a million!

J - Junk food: anything? i live for junkfood!
K- Kindergarten teacher's name: Mrs.Calvert

L - Longest car/bus ride: California

M - Mom's name: Jocelyn
N- Nickname:mego, bubbles

O - One wish:to marry chuck, and make it into heaven

P - Phobia:haha being without you of course! yea you!
Q - Quote: "I thank my God upon every remembrance of you."

R - Reason to smile: God is in my life, Chuck and mallory
S - Some Random Fact:  You cant lick your elbow!
T - Talk about: Everything
U- Unknown fact about me: do i have one?

V - Vegetable: POTATOES!

W - Worst Habit: haha ummm laughing a lot!

X - X-rays you've had:none i think?

Y- Years you have been in church:always and forever

Z - Zodiac sign:gemini


November 14 2005

sooooo hmmmmmmm? princess just a little, maybe? i couldn't be ANY happier with EVERYTHING right now! i love you all so so much!.....love you!



November 03 2005

i love you all..........

just another day in paradise

September 14 2005

things lately are such a paradise(for me)...it seems as if so so so many people in the world are going through bad things and since i'm feeling great i just wanted to let YOU know that even if i dont know you that we can work that out and i'm always here for you!

- I will bess you...and I will make you a blessing to others. Genesis 12:2

there is someone out there who thinks of you as such a blessing, even if you havent met them yet or even if you can't see that they do...i promise

have a fantastic day!!!
i love you

Photo From Dancin*Diva

September 09 2005

photo from Dancin*Diva

fun times in the rain......with some lovely girls!

siegel dance

September 09 2005
i LOVE my dancers!!!! yaaaaaaaaay!

Photo From Dancin*Diva

September 09 2005

photo from Dancin*Diva


August 01 2005
this girl in the pic below is my best friend

A good friend will come and bail you out of jail...but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn..that was fun!"

silly kids!!!!!

July 28 2005
school starts soon..hehe, we'll see how that goes!!! lol! ....but dance starts sooner and i'm really excited about that, because even though i dred going every morning, it always seems to surprise me how much fun i have....
the girl in the pic is my bestest friend!! i love you mallory!!
i'll leave you with this...

as we grow up we learn that even the one
person that wasn't supposed to ever let you
down probably will. you will have your heart
broken more than once and its harder every
time. you'll break hearts too so ( remember )
how is felt when yours was broken. you'll
fight with your bestfriend. you'll blame a new
love for something an old one did you'll cry
because time is going by too fast and you'll
eventually lose someone you love, so take `
too many pictures laugh too much and love
like you've never been hurt because every
60 seconds you spend upset is a minute - -
of happiness you'll never get back ;; . .