Just Words..

April 20 2006

I feel like it'll disappear the instante i look away.I just kept counting all the many traces of loneliness that i'd vomited up.In this time that seems so dry ,my heart is thrashing around and drowing .It takes those lies that make my head spin and tears them to pieces and the place i lose my way in is a dim ,hazy world .

Japanese Poem

April 19 2006

Hitomi wo fuseru to sugu kiete shimaisou de.Hakidashite shimatta kodoku no kehai no kazu wo tada kazoete ita. Kawaita jikan no naka de,oboreteru mogaiteru kokoro memi ga suru kurai no uso wo uketomete hikisaita.Soshite wastashi ga mayoikomu no wa usuyami no sekai.

My high

April 08 2006
i put my head phones on .Turn up the the volume and close my eyes to the point that all can hear is my heart beat and the breath which gives me life ,this what i live for the sounds of  rage ,passion ,anarchy,love,hate ,the sounds which frees your heart and soul form  everything and everyone,this is my high this what i live for not the chaos we call life ,but for those few moments in which the words seem to consume me i fill free form everything that brings me down ,makes me feel less ,makes me hate ,every thing  and any things that hurts me . Music is my high its what i live for ,its lives inside me keeps me going makes me smile ,forget my pain sarrows ...This is my high ....


March 21 2006

This is what you get when theres to a night vision cam. ,alot of time and nothing to do with it.....awww....Creepy i know...lol..

Rain Can suck so bad

March 21 2006
Dam it's raining ut side . nothing to do nothing really to see no seem to want to crash....GeEz! can anyone make my day any fun...god im cold ...hmm...anyone want to keep me warm...lol...well my peoples im out..... :P


March 10 2006

well im here to say ...hmmm....i really don't know what to say..lol....well i love myspace but im trying new things out  now and days .well here a little  about me im in the military,PuertoRican..yeah,yeah i know wet back! GeEz! but my mom loves anyway i am ...lol....anyways i the kinda person who says whats on there mind and not a afriad to express my self...so if you think you can handle a buddy/friend/homie or what ever crazy name you kids have for it now and days just hit me up ...  :P