August 01 2005
i have honestly realized the HUGE importance of friends in my life...
it is soo crucial that you choose them wisely, because so often you become who you hang out with. its so easy to pick up on your friends habits and what not...
i'm so glad that i've had the chance of being friends with so many of these wonderful guys and girls!
be blessed -- lisa marie

Nathan West

August 01 2005
Aw, so sweet and so true. My friends are HUGE in my life too. Sometimes even more than God, yet another idol I need to get rid of. But good friends who point you to Christ are so VITAL! GLORIA PATRI! Nathan

Alex Kelley

August 02 2005
Tchhh...Yeah. Very true lisa, very true.


August 02 2005
[you are who you hang out with.] that can be scary.


August 02 2005
you are so right lisa...and me being in the extra-curicular (sp?) activities i am is easy to get mixed in with people you don't need ot be. But i have gotten tons better at that. I love you girl! [chels]

Andrea Leigh

August 02 2005
Man oh man Lisa....what a blessing it is! Im so glad God has put you in my life...I couldnt ask for better! I love you!

courtney kelley

August 03 2005
that's very's kinda scary..'cause you can pick up their habbits without even realizing it. :-/ see ya! -Courtney

Mary Lauren

August 04 2005
AHHH soo true.