December 08 2005

she's 18...
i've grown up with her and i cant imagine life without my sister.
she's growing up too fast and so am i :(


December 08 2005
is that my brother in the shadows?? CREEPY!!! but yay for jami's birthday!


December 09 2005
18!?!? Oh Snap!

Mary Lauren

December 09 2005
photographically speaking that is a GREAT shot lees! good job! lol and your sister looks soo old in that picture. i cant believe she's 18 either. that means that you are almost 18!!!!!!!! noooooooo.... must...put...brick on....head!!!!!! lol but i really miss you and i hope we get to talk soon! ASAP! calling all lisa loos!!!! PS- that is a great cake - wow i want to eat it really bad. Let God rock it. +ML+

Randy Rodden

December 09 2005
What's up long time no see! I saw your picture on one of my friend's sites and I was like..... Hey..... I know her.

l a u r e n b e a s l e y.

December 10 2005
i want to grow up faster, faster.

Randy Rodden

December 12 2005
Ha ha Cheese noodle I forgot about that! Yeah long time no see! What church do you go to now days?

Hope Anderson

December 17 2005
awe!!! i know the feeling... except now mine is 25, married, and has 2 kids. and i love it! lol. talk to you soon. ~Hope

Matt Johnson

December 31 2005

Andrea Leigh

February 22 2006
Are you not at school right now?

Andrea Leigh

February 24 2006
Are you staying home again lees??!? Im at school on the computer...we can talk this way! lol

Andrea Leigh

February 24 2006
Im just being a rebel girl and getting on Phusebox at school...muah ha ha ha ha...:o) Im sorry you threw up...thats never fun :o( Do you have to work tonight? I cant wait to talk! I love you!

Ashley Schreiber

March 14 2006
Oh my gosh!! I can't believe it!! Please be praying for the whole situation!! :o) thanks girlie!!

Alex Kelley

April 08 2006
I think lisa needs to update...come on, if i update mine you most certainly can update yours. lol.