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March 08 2008
I was on my way back home from Nashville yesterday and somebody with road rage decided to bump my car from behind. The speed limit on the interstate was supposed to be 70mph, but I was going 80 to make room between me and that crazy driver.

There were only two lanes and the lane next to me was free, but the driver didn't move over. So I moved over to let that person pass, but instead they moved over behind me. I moved over let them pass, but they moved over behind me again. I sped up to 90 mph and the other driver did the same. The whole time this was going on, it was raining heavily and I could barely see out the window. Next thing I know, the driver sped up to 100 mph and changed lanes only to ram into my car on the right side...running me of the road. Luckily there wasn't a wall there or any on comming traffic...but there was this field of grass there.

When they rammed into my car, they broke my headlights...making it worse for me to see out the window...and since the right side of the car got damaged pretty bad, it cut into my tires on the right side and blew them out. I am so glad that God is always in control, because the car should have flipped over several times, but instead it didn't. I should have been pulled over by a cop for driving without any lights...and with 2 flat tires, but instead God's grace prevaled again. I made it back to MTSU on two blown tires and no the pouring rain...heavy rain, without even being pulled over by the police.

My caution lights were even broken and yet I was safe the whole trip back to MTSU...