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Night Timers of Camp Jackson

June 09 2006

Youth Camp was awsome. I feel great. I got to sing and play the keyboard with a band called Firfty Seven Seven last night. Camp was fun. The worship and the messages were really powerful and great. Some people actually thought that I was one of the band members. Ron Rhoads is a great speaker with powerful messages that can take your breath away. Terry Allen is a great DYD. Some guys from my youth group, A.K.A. the Night Timers, are really good pranksters.

They said to have gotton the band with water balloons and Cabin 9 with seram wrap...

Eric, the keyboardist/singer quoted " Me and Noah went to go get some mops to clean the bathroom, and on our way back we noticed the bridge light was out. I heard a rustling noise in the darkness of the night. Next thing I know, a bunch of ninjas called the Night Timers attacked us with water balloons. Only thing I knew to do was run. I accidently hit a kid with my"

The Night Timers were caught. Kangaroo Court sentenced them to a horrible sentence... the chair of grossness...leftovers dumped on all four of them.

They tried to deny being the real Night Timers but it was too late, they already stunk to death. The real Night Timers were found but camp was already over.

Isaiah Jensen

June 09 2006
Actually the "Nigh Timers" were a different group, our church did not saran wrap cabin 9 but they did do the orher stuff