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To everyone who belives that I posted those satanic looking posts!!!!!!

April 17 2006

Those posts that everyone says that I wrote, How could I write them if I wasn't even near a computer that day? I only have access to the internet at school, I went on a field trip that day, I didn't get back until 6th period, and there are no computers in my 6th period. People in my 4th period and 2nd period classes sit around the computers all the time, do you think they may have figured out my Password.... I bet I forgot to log off of phusebox the day before...I don't know and I don't really care as long as people quit saying that I posted those satanic looking posts.

Ron Stoppable

April 17 2006
I don't think you did're to cool to do that~

Jessica Rich

April 17 2006
I don't see you as someone who would do something like that...I don't want to be hateful to the ones who think you posted the satanic posts, but doesn't the bible say that you shouldn't judge people, even when it seems that they did do something wrong? The bible also says that a real friend sticks closer than a brother....I belive that a real friend won't believe that a christian could be so satanic in their posts. ~ Jess~

David Ambrose

April 17 2006
How's life bro? Pray for mine, it sucks...

David Ambrose

April 17 2006
How's your day been?

David Ambrose

April 18 2006
Good morning little bro