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January 11 2006
I don't know what to write about today. You know that post about A PURE MIND? Well, it's kinda hard for me to apply that to my own life this week. Mainly because I have been so stressed out to even think about God. Last night at Encounter Ministries, I was finally able to leave it all at the alter. I feel so much better than before. I was stressed out because of a number of things. People have been spreading rumors about me and they have been telling me that a friend of mine talks bad about me ALL OF THE TIME. They say that she says all kinds of bad things about me. This added up to the previous problems I had and it just made me feel that much worse. I feel much better now though, but I have a hard time trying to see why she would say those things about me. But, if those rumors were just lies, I don't see why people would say things like that to me to begin with. The only thing though, is that some of the people who told me those things go to my church. Some of the people who told me go to Oakland. But, I don't care if the rumors are true or not, because I left all of that at the alter. I want to keep a pure mind so I can be a better christian and friend to everyone.


January 11 2006
Yea the service rock last night i was glad you came !have a great rest of the day!

Marybeth Jensen

January 13 2006
Hey, you gave me my first comment ever! Cool