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January 04 2006

Sometimes we go through things that make us feel like there is no hope or that there is no way out. Sometimes we feel that there is nothing that we can do about whatever it is that is making us feel that way. In order to be victorious over these things, we must keep a pure mind. Yeah, I know that it is hard to keep a pure mind, but Jesus says in His word that we must keep a pure mind if we want to be victorious in life. Here's how to keep a pure mind:

A cknowledge our vulneralbility to God.

P ray for God's help.

U ndo old thought processes.

R estrict what we view.

E clipse bad thoughts with good thoughts.

M ake ourselves accountable to a CHRISTIAN friend.

I magine ourselves resisting temptation.

N ever despair when we fall.

D on't entertain impure thoughts that pop into our minds.


January 09 2006
just thought i say HI

courtney kelley

January 10 2006
I agree, that was definitely a great post. Thanks you so much for my comment, I really enjoyed the enoucouragement. Have an amazing week! In Christ, --Courtney


January 19 2006
i dont know you but that was kool.thankx for the friendship...see you around.