what day is it?

November 23 2005
today is wednesday. . .right. . .or is it thursday already. . .I think it's still wednesday. . .

My paycheck has already been deposited into my checking account. . .all $33 of it. . .is this a good thing or a bad thing to recieve the check early??

who knows. . .my bank account looks quite full. . .too bad I know it's not. . .

I don't work till 9:15 tonight. . .that's so incredibly late. . .

tomorrow is thanksgiving! hey that means today IS wednesday!

wow. . .i'm messed up

haha, then I logged into the portal, and it said that checks come eariler this week b/c of thanksgiving. . .doh

educational suicide

November 22 2005
how bout I only take MWF classes next semester. . .

I've already determined it can be done. . .and then I would have TR free!

and I could work work work. . .of course. . .i'll not commit educational suicide if i'm scheduled to work in the library on TR. . .b/c if i have to show up to campus to work, i'll definetly take some of my MWF classes out. . .

of course. . .3 of the classes i want to take are currently full. . .bogus.

an update?

November 21 2005
i'm working.

I got another job @ disney today. it's called Balzac. . .so i'll be selling these fun blow up balls. it's $6.50/hr plus commission. so they money will be good, and it's whenever i wanna work. . .

I lost my laundry card. . .this was after I washed the clothes. . .they still need to be dried

My roomie sammi is driving me crazy. we're not on speaking terms right now. well, she's not on speaking terms with me, I tried talking to her

I'm tired. . .but i need to finish my laundry. . .

:: sigh ::


November 17 2005
I'd have a lot of money if I hadn't felt the need to purchase makeup and disney merchandise. . .

and I'm not getting ANY hours this week. . .work just called and asked if I wanted the day off. . .

but next week my friends, there will be no days off at Disney!


November 16 2005
woah. . .I register for classes in 5 days. . .

uh . . . what do I take. . .

also. . .approximently 77 photos have been uploaded into my photobox. . .christmas parade was last night!

ugh. . .registration

:: sigh ::

November 14 2005
Would you like sprinkles on that?

and that's been my week so far.

I ER'd after 1.8 hours on sunday, then managed to spend $28.75 on $114 of disney merch @ property control. YES!!(pics on facebook, b/c i don't want my sis to see, b/c her gift was part of what I got)

I posted some new pics in my photo's of when our neighbor got terminated and we acquired her food, we also acquired food the same day b/c Sammi's Parents were here. so check those pics out, our apartment was a disaster.

Tomorrow night is the Christmas Parade Preview. . .so pics of that will definetly be posted(I'm SO glad I work @ MK!)

work is boring. . .everyone has to work a 6 day week next week(and CP's don't get holiday pay!) but i got jipped b/c my scheduler gave me silly 6 hour shifts. . .those are just a plain waste of a day. . .I could go play in the parks but A. it's not fun alone, and B. every other CM is working 6 days. . .yea. . .refer to A.

that was quite the rant of a post. . .

survey. . .

November 12 2005

I ust filled out a survey for the new student center they'll be building at MTSU. . .I don't think they'll like my answers since i'm *kinda* living off campus this semester. . .

but(for anna) I said I'd definetly eat at panera bread if it were on campus!

I feel so young. . .

November 11 2005
Not something to complain about. . .everyone wishes for youth.

but like. . .I seem to attract older people, this is not a general "i attract older guys" type thing, more of, I have friends in general that are older than me. . .

this always causes me to feel like the baby of the group when age is brought up. . .

which is almost strange. . .because with my family. I'm the oldest. . .could this be the cause of me attracting older peers?

basically the guy I like right now or, "is in my life" right now, is 23. . .and thought 19 and 23 is not a massive age gap. . .I have a feeling he thought I was older.

this post had no point. except to tell you that I like a 23 year old, and I think he likes me back. and I only have 2 months left. . .causes for issues

oh, nathan, I enjoy the new toolbar. a lot.

why look at the time!

November 10 2005
In 12 hours I'll be standing in cool ship and fulfilling my day with an eight and a half hour shift selling soda and chips.

I started trying to go to sleep an hour ago. . .

i've achieved an hour of thinking. that's all. thinking. I mean, thinking isn't bad. . .but it really doesn't get you anywhere. . . .when thinking about a certain person

I like a guy. a lot. Mark. . .I think I mentioned him? we met on the bus. . then after about a month he came by the apartment. . .

it kinda sucks that my program ends in 2 months

though, i'm excited to be coming home. . .

:: sigh :: I wish I was asleep

and I thought monday was bad. . .

November 09 2005
I arrived at work 30 minutes late on tuesday because the bus drove off as I was got to it. I was there MAYBE 30 minutes and the registers went down. and it wasn't just the registers that we had on my side of the market. . .it was also the registers on the merchandise side of the market. . .so that's 3. . .and then the registers inside the huge merchandise store across from  the market are also down. . .add 8 to 3 and you have 11 registers down. . .


talk about unhappy guests.

My package should be arriving  today. . . :: crosses fingers ::  oh i hope it's soon!

Facebook does photos now! It's soooo fun to find pictures other people have posted of me! and of others!

that is all

around the world and back with the soda fountain

November 07 2005
I never knew so many things could go wrong with a soda fountain. . .until today

I tried to be helpful and open another location after I *thought* I was ready to open this morning and still had time. . .well so i didn't check the bags in the boxes of soda syrup. . .or check the CO2. . .

then I opened. . .I quickly realized 5 bags in the box needed to be replaced and the CO2 was out when guests started returning and complaining. . .

I handed out quite a few free drinks today. . .

My new phone comes tomorrow. . .granted, I'll be at work, and my fabulous roomies will be going to the beach. . .

I need to go to sleep. . .but i also need to stay awake for at least 45 more minutes. . .

the last 3 days have been crazy

I'm hungry...

I move on quick

November 04 2005
So a few weeks back I met a guy

wait. . .Adam and I are over. we're just friends. . .this story isn't about him

this guy came over and knocked on my apartment door on Tuesday night.

We went and saw a movie on Wednesday.

He came over thursday and we began to watch a movie. . .but didn't finish it

he came over again tonight(being friday, not saturday) and we finished it. . .

He's a nice guy. I hope those at home would approve of this one. . .My roomies do. so that's an accomplishment in itself. . .

I told him to call me. . .we'll see what happens :)

cingular spoofed

November 04 2005
well. Cingular made a big boo boo. In my favor

I ordered my new phone on Oct 31. well It said online that it was backordered. I wasn't happy. So i called on like the 1st and asked about it. and the lady I talked to called someone else and gave them my order number. Well these KIND people found me a phone, and mailed it. i was happy. my phone should've arrived today. . .

turns out they mailed it to the good ole house in murfreesboro. ugh.

must wait on my mother. . .

wel i was looking @ my order. . .and it seemed I'd be getting 2 phones

I recieved a Delivery confirmation for the other phone today

Cingular mailed 2 phones to  my murfreesboro house. . .

and I only can believe this to be true because one was sent via FedEX and the other UPS

but I still don't have one here in Orlando. . .that's being worked on. . .

ALSO!!! everyone join my group "my heart lies in murfreesboro"

I wanna play!

November 03 2005

phusebox strikes WDW


November 01 2005
So House of Heroes is gonna be here in the good ole orlando on
Wednesday. . .and I was quite excited. . .and was not looking forward
to forking out $18 to see just them and stryper. . .

well then they did the myspace deal where the first 5 people from each
city to e-mail the tour manager i guess would get in free.

I was taking a little trip with my neighbor when that was posted. . .so
i didn't think I could've won. . .but i e-mailed them anyway

and now i'm awake @ 4:17am because i can't sleep and pretty sure i'll
be seeing HoH on wednesday. . . and I can feel free to go backstage and
hang out with the band. . .


Dear Home,

October 30 2005

photo from BeautyFromPain

I miss you

(Anna took this picture)

A first time for everything

October 29 2005
I have tomorrow off. It's the first sunday off since I got here.

I wanna go to the parks. I've been here for quite a few months but not really hung out in the parks.

I don't wanna go alone though. . .and my roomies aren't home yet. . .and I know they've both consumed alcohol tonight

I  baked Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Bread tonight. YUM!

I had a traning shift tonight. we Early Released 2 hours early b/c the scheduler is dumb.

it was kinda funny. They put me out to work at the wagon because I've never done it before(pretzel Wagon) well i got out there and the Palm Pilot that we do orders on decided it was gonna be mean. I  couldn't get my number in. there were too many  clouds in the sky. the printer wasn't printing recipts. . .ya know. . .the "usual". well, pretty sure as before mentioned i'd NEVER worked there before and I had to take orders on a napkin and do all the adding in my head. now this is no problem in a location I know the prices for. . .lets just say I learned them really quickly, and had 3 sides of a napkin covered in orders I had to key in once the Palm started working.

but it wasn't so bad, and we got out at like 9:30

ha! i managed to work at Mrs. Potts every day this week. I wasn't scheduled there. . .but pretty sure I worked there!(45 minutes yesterday and helping close tonight)

I also enjoy the show Tuckerville on TLC. . .it's all around nashville. and I miss nashville.


October 26 2005

There are some people that seem to be interested in what I wear to work on a daily basis. So I decided to share this information with the general public. . .

This is the LOVELY halloween costume. I  wore it for the last time on Tuesday night, But i really really wanna keep this T-Shirt

The OH SO LOVELY Toon Town Costume. . .GAG. it's kinda uncomfortable. . .i will have to go with some larger shorts. . .well, pants now that it's cold in Florida

Then there's the lovely fantasyland getup. . .Tomorrrow will be my first time wearing it(today) and by the end of thenight I'll be covered in Ice Cream, because that's just how it goes in Mrs. Pott's Cupboard.

That is all. . .more photos are in my  photobox.

the other end of the telephone

October 25 2005
I called the Cingular 800 number today to request a new SIM card because my phone was stolen.

The lady couldn't do anything for me, she had to transfer me to the Sales Department.

Well I get transferred over to some random sales department and the guy on the other end asks me where I live for the purpose trying to get me a  new card. I tell him Orlando, and then He asks for my mobile number. I start to give him my number "615" and he stops me in order to inform me that that's a Nashville area code. I told him that's where I was from, but am in Orlando for the semester. yada yada.

turns out that the random sales center I  was transferred to was in Antioch, TN and the sales rep I talked to recently graduated from MTSU. . .

talk about wierd. . .but he was very helpful in assisting me in beating cingular at their own game.

Resort Guests Only

October 24 2005
Phone rings @ 10:30am. . .

Labor Operations is calling  CP's to come to work. . .it's pouring down rain outside, but the park must open

Bus will be @ my housing complex @ 11:30

that "bus" was a  15 passengar van. . .yea.

I was one of the 14 people that managed to get on it.

arrived at Vista(other housing complex) and was transfered in the rain to a real bus

transported to Magic Kingdom

still raining

Go to costuming, get a breaker(costume i can wear anywhere in the park)

change, go to money office, note says to walk to the other side of the park and see managers(west side veranda)

managers didn't know I was coming. . .

clock in @ 1pm

clean off tables in tomorrowland noodle station

back to west side veranda

fed chips and bottled drinks

spilt into east side/west side groups

told we can work potts till 12:30am or clean. . .

cleaning doesn't sound fun, I con Sean and Julie to work with me

maybe not the best idea. . .but I did work 11.3 hours today. . .

that's good, right??

and it's cold here. . .I disagree with  it. ..