The Song of the Oyster Bird

September 08 2005
The Song of the Oyster Bird
Alexander Gow

Many, many years ago
In a city by the sea,
Lived the Paddy Waddy Winkle
Who was wonderful to see.
He was colored like a rainbow,
He was furry like a cat,
And his wings were like the Oyster Bird’s.
Now, what do you think of that?

How the oyster Bird did love him;
How he loved the Oyster Bird!
Now this is true, my darling,
Though it sounds somewhat absurd.
They loved each other just as much
As we do, me and you;
But they could not hug each other,
As all lovers ought to do.

For their wings were made of stickers,
Just as sharp as carpet tacks;
And when they tried to cuddle
They would scratch each other’s backs.
Now it isn’t half like loving
If all that can be done,
Is to sit and talk about it.
That is mighty little fun.

But the Paddy Waddy Winkle
And the Oyster Bird could fly.
How they liked to go a-sailing
Away up in the sky!
They would talk to all the little stars,
Makes faces at the Bear,
Punch Old Orion in the belt,
Push Cassie off her chair.

They had lots of fun together,
But still they were not glad,
For they could not hug each other,
And that’s what made them sad.
So, they said they’d take their wings off
And give up their happy play,
So that they could love each other
In a really, truly way.

Now I think that they were wise
To lay their wings upon the alter,
Assuming in the place thereof
The matrimonial halter;
For a love that will not sacrifice-
And gladly do it, too-
Just isn’t worthy of the name.
I think so, do not you?

For when you love somebody
Whom you know also loves you,
You want to do something for him
That’s awful hard to do.
You’ve got to take your stickers off
and lay aside your wings;
But the hugging and the cuddling
Compensate for many things.

quite possibly the best poem ever!


September 08 2005
You're so crazy.

Dana Yo

September 08 2005
awww i like it!