April 12 2006

so i should probably be doing my research paper rough draft right now, but writing on this thing is sooo much more interesting.

i am now running for asb historian unopposed. i got my car fixed, but i didn't know there was anything wrong with it. i am a lawyer now, however i still plan to dropout of school and join the circus, and i think it is very safe to say that my life is extremely boring.

i guess off to that research paper now. what was i thinking when i took ap courses?


April 12 2006
Sophie...you can't have 5 thousand dollars. because, well...you're crazy..<br><br>haha i love you=)


April 12 2006
lauren's thought: "what's the quickest decision I will regret?"

Hunter Barry

April 12 2006
The glory of ASB- the conditions to run are so absurd that it is difficult to field enough officers to run for each field.


April 19 2006
i know you!