never take something you're allergic to.

June 22 2005
a very very very bad case of hives.

two different shots and a blood test later and it still won't go away. my mom is threatening to take me to the hospital.

it gets worse.

i'm leaving for destin in two days.
i must be the luckiest person in the world. or that might be the drugs talking.


June 22 2005
*laughs* You're so silly. Oh, and all I called for last night was to see if you wanted to come to Fazoli's...

Rachel Sullivan

June 22 2005
aww lauren i hope you get better!!

Stephanie Levine

June 22 2005
Awww, My baby!lol. Lauren is on drugs, i must see that.

the brian king kenobi

June 22 2005
pooooooooooooor spaniard.

Dana Yo

June 22 2005
Oh.... now i understand your e-mail. You really did break out in hives. I'm so sorry lauren! I hope it all clears up well! And I'm sure your relationship is not over, lol. -Dana :)


June 22 2005
you're going to Destin? take me with you!