Gift For Mom- FAVOR

July 14 2006
I need some ideas.  If your mom is as amazing as mine, what would you get her to encourage her?  I want to put together a care package for mom who is recovering from back surgery.  I want to get several little things that might encourage her... so if you have any ideas of items $10 and less then let me hear them.  Be adventurous, creative.  I've already done flowers... now i want to do something different.

weather channel

July 10 2006
so my bridge picture was featured on today. Got an email from a partner church asking me if that was me... had no idea it made it through.  It was a nice end to a pretty bad day... 
this isn't it but its close to this one.

July 4th

July 06 2006
 Man its been a while since i've posted anything... but wanted to put some of my pics up from this week...

I hope you had a great 4th

I've been published

April 26 2006
Its really not a big deal but my pictures were published in a NYC publication this week...


Jury Duty

April 24 2006
I know i live in NYC and therefore should be out of the little bubble we can often put ourselves in... but today I witnessed the lengths people will go to get out of jury duty, and what i think is scarier is that the might have meant what they said...  I also learned that crazy people come in all sorts of pakages... Tomorrow is another day... can't wait to see what i'll hear tomorrow.


April 21 2006
NOTHING... its supposed to rain all day and i have nothing planned... doesn't that sound beautiful?  I actually don't have to work... ishould but i am not forced to... Most of my friends are out of town and Easter is over... so i am going to become Hurmit Kim and stay inside all freaking day... my only problem is that i don't have food... but i'll do... I am so excited... but of course that means I will be ready to see people sunday because extrovert Kim is in season... but for now I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO A RAINY saturday becuase if you know me at all... if it were the least bit sunny, I'd be out taking pictures all day if i could... which is a great thing...  i am just ready for an excuse to VEG!!! yeah
How is that for stream of conscience.

Sarcasm in Music

April 21 2006
If you know me, you know i am sarcastic...  Well I love sarcasm in music as well.   NickelCreek has this song that i listen to alot and everytime i hear it i laugh my head off. Its called "somebody more like you" its subtle sarcasm... which is what makes it so funny.

I hope you finally find someone
Someone that you trust
and give him everything
I hope you meet someone your height
So you can see eye to eye
With someone as small as you

Its full of bitterness and sarcasm... now that's writing...

Phusebox owes me

April 20 2006
Someone...who i won't mention...NM... will need to pay my verizon bill... HAHA...

Don't ever give out your information to eager "inovators" who like to insult you... by calling you mean things...

To all you sick people

March 23 2006
Plaques and curses on your family... you know who you are... ;)

Surreal Moment

March 19 2006
Had a little surreal moment.  I signed my first prints today.  A friend is decorating a doctors office ehere in the city and wanted to use some of my photos so she purchased the files from me and had them printed over the weekend. She brought them to church this morning so i could see what they look like and to sign them.  Had to quickly practice my signature.  Quit intimidating but very surreal... It make me crazy that my pictures will be in some random doctor's office.  Crazyness...

Baby Mac

March 17 2006
It looks like today is the day- One week early.  He left China on Wednesday Morning and should arrive in my arms today.  I've waited so long:)  Ok seriously... not crazy.  For those who have been waiting with me.  My new MacBook arrives today... i hope...  It will be one razy weekend.  Maria & Mer... i hope you don't mind but its coming with me tonight... :)  


March 11 2006
TOday was absolutely beautiful so i joined some friends in the park and took over 200 pictures.  Below are just a few... if you want to see more go to ... Hope you enjoy


My Prayer

March 06 2006

your laughter, it echos like a joyous thunder

your wisper, it warms me like a summer breeze
your anger is fiercer then the sun in its splendor
your close and yet full of mystery
and ever since the day that i saw your face
try as i may
i cannot look away
i cannot look away
captivated by you
i am captivated by you
may my life be one unbroken gaze
fixed upon the beauty of your face
beholding is becoming so as you fill my gaze
i become more like you and my heart is changed
beholding is becoming so as you fill my view
transform me into the likeness of you
this is what i ask for all my days
that i may never look away
never look away
captivated by you
i am captivated by you
may my life be one unbroken gaze
fixed upon your beauty
fixed upon your beauty
no other could ever be as beautyiful
no other could ever steal my heart away
no other could be as beautiful
no other could ever steal my heart away
i just can't look away
i am captivated by you.
may my life be one unbroken gaze
fixed upon your beauty
fixed upon your beauty of your face

By Vicky Beeching

This song got a hold of me today.  This is so much of a prayer for me that i can barely stand it. 


March 06 2006

Happy Birthday MY Sweet!!!

20 Days

March 03 2006
Until i can throw my Dell off the top of my building and begin my new life with my new baby.

God is so Good

February 23 2006
I never thought I'd ever say this but I LOVE TAX RETURNS.  I am getting so much back that i can pay for half of my new computer...  I can't tell you how much of an answered prayer that is.  

Happy Birthday SUsan

February 22 2006

Happy Birthday Girl!!!!

Will called and asked for you number... ;)

Took the plunge

February 16 2006
I did it!!!

Blizzard 06 Central Park

February 12 2006
I got to play today. Got to take pictures in the park.  I love Blizzard 06... 26.9 inches baby