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November 28, 2012

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God, laughing, music, ASL, thrift store shopping, buying belts, strawberry & cream fraps from Starbucks, and chokers


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Aladin, Bridgett Jones Diary, Robin Hood-Men in Tights, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Dirty Dancing, Drop Dead Fred, Moulin Rouge


The Bible, Authentic Beauty

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Well, this is how i felt when i found out that I'm going to CHICAGO for summer missions this summer.....


I'm excited!!!! (incase you couldn't tell)

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Summer Missions


so it's been about a million years since I updated or anything.  This weekend is my interview for summer missions.  I hope that I get to go to Chicago this summer.  Man, that would be absolutely AMAZING!!! I can't wait....

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i\'ve lost 5 and a half inches of my hair......

and can\'t find it.....
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so.... school is officially back ...... and so is the crazyness.....

life this week has been kinda hectic.... all the classes I am in... i can\'t be in..... yeah.... it sucks... dont know what to do... I\'d have to drop to 6hrs and i know i cant do that.... who knows what\'ll happen

school = stress

but on a good note.... things in H\'burg are close to normal, or atleast for me i guess..... its good.....
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I made it home on the 6th...and then i moved into my new apartment on that, finally.... i\'m back in Hattiesburg...(where i go to school)...I\'m thankful to be here and start school... back to \"normal\"..if there was any normal in me... but... It\'s so weird to jump back in my \"group\" of friends that were together all summer... everytime i\'m around these guys...i think of a night, funny moment, or whatever with the NHNY peoples this summer. ha ha ha.....I miss you guys...
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