Singles Awareness Day

February 14 2006
Hapy Singles Awareness Day!!  This was in one of Rachael's blogs and I really like it:

"When I close my eyes and throw my head back with laughter As I
step up to dance with you, my tiny hand in your infinite one. My steps
so clumpsy compared to your grace. The music begins and we step onto
the floor my grip tightens, Knowing I will fall but also knowing that
you will guide me. And the music swells roaring in my ears until I am so enrapture That I can't look at anyone but you.
My hands and feet are poised for the next step, my head up, A smile of
love on my face, and my eyes locked with yours... And then maybe, maybe
then I will not even notice when you turn to one of your sons and
invite him to dance with me."

Our God truly is an awesome God!!!

Rebecca Jensen

February 14 2006
That is sooo Awesome!! I like that idea.... Dancing with God until He gives you to your husband.... Focusing solely on him.... hmm....mmm I like it!!