this long weekend...

April 12 2006

isnt going to be as fun as i thought it would be. no longer going to the beach. 

veryy bummed. this is ganna suck. 

but whatever. hope u have a better long break than i do.

happy easter everyone.

[atleast i will get to go to the passover dinner!! [hopefully? haha.] =]

call if u wanna hang out. [unless im grounded.]

gosh. haha.

toodles lovess.

mrytle beach.

April 11 2006

what is there to do in mrytle beachhh??

any ideas? let me know.

thanks <333's.

eight hours of......

April 08 2006

SHOPPING!!!!!! =oD

&& all i got was a pair of sunglasses [from Gadzook's] && a cute green with white polka dot top [from Wet Seal] i <333 everything i got. hehe. but can u believe i went shopping for 8 hours and thats ALL i got. crazyy eh? usually i would have gotten like SOO MUCH MORE. lol.

but my feet hurt like crazyyy. i wore new shoes, cuase idk we were going to the outlets in pigeon forge, but we did. && so my new pink flats hurtt my feettt. ahhh. lol.

now they r all sore. =[[ but im not ganna be @ church tomorrow, cause belle they are here. && celina ur a butt cause u didnt come. u missed out on ALOT of shopping. haha.

comment the myspace lovess.

who sings these song?

April 02 2006

ne one know who sings these songs???

Can I Sit With You a While

Blessed Be Your Name

and You are God Alone

do you know? let me know if u do. k. thanks a bunchh love!!


new hair cut = gross.

March 25 2006

i hate my new hair cut. its like 2 inches shorter && my bangs r short too. ugh.

bad. isnt it.

but this pic makes it all better though. ahahah. will && liam. will licking liams thumb. ahahah. they r the biggest losers, ever haha jk. [yeahh i stole this from rachel. but thats k. =]]

pics my parents took.

March 22 2006

on their 2 1/2 day trip from CA to TN. they went to cali to help my aunt move out here. and it ONLY took them 2 1/2 days of driving. Last time they did that was when we moved out here, and that took 4 1/2 days. but here are some pics. idk what state each pic was taken in.

looks like down down knoxville. lol.

duhh its new mexico. haha.

ahh. DINOSOURS [sp? lol]. haha.

i <33 this picture.

those are just a FEW of the pictures they took. these were just some of my favorites.

spring breaks been pretty gay.

March 21 2006

so yeah this spring break is pretty LAME.

done...... NOTHING. i would have to say its been pretty BORING. later im getting my hair CUT && HIGHLIGHTED.  =]

then shopping AGAIN. =] thats like all ive done. shopping && movies && hanging out.


west town is going to be DESERTED like the oak ridge mall. haha.

no like really. i remember a FEW years ago when it was JUST wal-mart. now its like GROWN SOO SOO MUCH! its suppose to be "FARRAGUT ZONE" && everyone at schools all pissed cause EVERYONE is going there now. but its just like US going to WEST TOWN which is "BEARDEN ZONE" but whatever. im GLAD its growing!! =]

they are putting in COSCO, ABERCROMBIE && FITCH, AE, HOLLISTER [not sure which one they are putting in. AE or hollister. i dont think both though] ummm and a BUNCH of other stuff.

&& down NORTHSHORE [like 2 mins down the road from my house] they are BUILDING that NEW SHOPPING area. its ganna be HUGE too! idk if im EXCITED about that. cause its ganna be SUPER busy on northshore now. =o/

they are building a new movie theatre, shopping area, apartments, a live theatre for bands to play at and ALOT more.

im kinda excited cause its close to home. but then there is ganna be SO MUCH traffic. its ganna be insane. its ganna be like ANOTHER turkey creek. but not as good. haha.

time to go watch CHICKEN LITTLE. haha. WITH JJ. =] I <2+1  [haha CHRIS. <2+1. i stole that from u. =]] the little bratt. lol.

<2+1 KeLLy

RACHEL. sunday night is ganna be GREaT!!! =] u, me, && kayla. haha. && WILL. && the MAKE-OUT PARTAYYY! lol. && watching the stars. lol. FUN FUN. yes it WILL be fun! start using ur PHUSEBOX. =]

SPRING BREAK IS HERE!!! finally. =]

March 17 2006

I'm so glad that Spring Break is here.

It seems like we have been in school forever.

Last semester went by so much faster than this one.

Today, was pointless.

World Geography, all we did was watch a dumb movie that was about animals in Africa. Basically no one watched it. We all just slept.

Algebra, we celebrated Pi Day. Pretty lame if you ask me. We just ate desserts. Like pie [of course.] brownies, and a cookie cake. Then we went and played boring games like Math Jeopordy, Twister, Moon Pie eating contest, and a 3 legged race. It was boring. Except for the yummy pies.

Academic Orientation, we went to the Library. It was loads of fun. Let me tell you. More like it was the most pointless thing in the World. They just talked to us, we took notes, and went online to find out some information.

So since we were in the Library, we had fourth lunch. I don't really know any one in fourth lunch. Well I take that back. I know people, but I'm not great friends with them. So it was Alyssa, Rachel, Anna, and me at lunch. Then Samantha came and sat with us for a bit, and so did Erin. But when Rachel and I left, they left too.

Rachel and I went down to the Auditorium/GYM/Band building to find Stephanie. We found her and she's one cool girl. Thomas, your girlfriends cooler than you. =] EDIT: OK SO JUST KIDDING. THOMAS YOUR GIRLFRIEND ISNT COOLER THAN YOU. CAUSE SHE APPERENTLY ISN'T YOUR GIRLFRIEND ANYMORE. BUT SHE IS STILL COOL.

But fourth lunch is like the longest lunch ever. its the regular time, plus the 9 minute break for class change. So fourth lunch is basically like 34 minutes, or something like that.

But so I met Stephanie today. It was cool. We got to see the Hall's Band play. I didn't go find Lisa though. I was going to, but decided not to because the bell rang for class change.

After lunch, we went to Business Principles. All we did was take a test. It was very easy, and then ate snacks and hung out for like 40 minutes.

So basically, most of my day consited of, boring movies, snacks, boring games, library, internet, lunch, test, and more snacks and haning out.

That's about all I did at school today.

It was pretty lame. Since we really didn't do anything important, but take that easy test.

Now I'm at home, bored. Since I can't or I'm not allowed to go to Winter Jam. =[

Everyone is going. Then they are all spending the night at Joy and Gnia's house. Their parents could care less.

But since mine are in California, they won't let me go. I'm not ganna not just because they said I couldn't ,but because I want to show them that I am trustworthy and I do follow their rules.

But yeah, this Spring Break isn't going to be amazing. But it's better than being in school.

I love seeing my friends at school, but that's about all I love.

i can NOT wait until spring break!

March 15 2006

only TWO more days until spring break! im very excited even though im not doing ne thing. =o/

parents left for cali TODAY! party @ MY HOUSE! haha JUST KIDDING!!! i COULD NOT pull something like that off. haha. just not sneeky enough.

this week has felt like FOREVER! =o(  its ONLY wed.

academic orientation [keystones] is so B.O.r.I.N.g. like OMGAH! i hate it! i would SO rather be in KeYBoARDiNG! plus ms. hill was SO much NICER than ms. lynch. we cant talk, we cant eat, we cant drink, we cant listen to music when we r doing individual work.

gah. its so boring! PLUS we have to give speechs. i DONT do speeches. like no. today 2 guys from IMPROV. came and demenstrated a something something. idr what it was called. its like improv with a topic and u have 4 mins. to make up a speech about it.

it was about POWER TOOLS! how dumb is that? all the GiRLS where like power tools?

then @ lunch me && rachel && alyssa ladd were talking about it. and alyssa goes "is a lawn mower a power tool?" me and rachel were both like "hum. I HAVE NO CLUE! is it?" haha.

so do me a FAVOR. IS A LAWN MOWER A POWER TOOL??? thanks. =]

during 1st block. [since it was late wed.] i forgot to put my fone on vibrate. so i took it out after the bell rang and was putting it on VIBRATE and like i totally pushed the LOCK button instead of the VIBRATE button! && i DONT or DIDNT know the codE! i was like OMGAH! this SUCKS! cause my mom && dad know it. but they were on their way to CALIFORNIA!

so i was like OMGAh they r ganna kill me. haha. but then after class i was talking && talking to kayla and rachel and kayla was liek "DUH! isnt it the last 4 digits of ur NUMBER?" so i tried! && it IS!! =]

so my fone is NO LONGER on LOCK! =]

my spring break is ganna NOT be FUN. =[  call me if u wanna hang out!! =]

btw. what do u think of this outfit?? cute or NO?

thanks. =]


March 12 2006

i think i've got the FLU!!!

my brother && sister's (&& isabelle) had it ALL week! now i think ive GOT it!

yuk! i HATE the FLU. eww. ugh. this is ganna SUCK.

i think they got it last weekend when everyone was at the land and i was out shopping with the GiRLs. so i'm getting it AFTER everyone! ugh. this SUCKS.

last day in keyboarding =]

March 10 2006

today i had 2 midterms. both VERY easy! thats is WHY i dont study. haha. i got a 94 of my final in keyboarding! =] 98 in the class. =]

so today i took 2 midterms. in my first 2 blocks. and for my last two--keyboarding && business (principles) all we are doing is EATING && watching the TN basketball game. =]

eating. my favorite thing to do! =] hehe. but basketball. =o/ oh well.

i CAN NOT believe kayla left! just cause she didnt want to stay for lunch. but whatever! 

today was ALSO my last day of having 1st lunch. everyone in keyboarding is switching to acad orien. thats ganna be gay. haha.

that means switching to 3rd lunch. =]  

2 pics from this weekend!!!

March 08 2006

feeling a little SICK. = / JJ is sick && KAYLA is sick. now me too? i just wanted to FAKE being sick so i would have more time to study for MIDTERMS tomorrow. but i didnt REALLY WANT to get SICK. =[ this SUCKS! UGH!

group pic of the GiRLs!!

Kayla, Mary, Krista, Me (LiKE EwW!), Lisa, Lindsay Crank, Joy, && Jennifer

the GuYS  i think they had a fun time too. but NOT as much as the GiRLs did! hehe. =]

symon, peter ly, char (haha his 1st name is my LAST haha), johnny, arron, nick, gnia, leng, && peter crank

R.I.P. Lillian Johnson

March 07 2006

friday night mrs. johnson (lindsey and whitney's grandma) died. her funeral was last night. it was really sad!! cause whitney was crying SO much!! i ALMOST did, but i didnt want to cause i didnt want streaks of black running down my face (no water proof mascara on at the time) well. it was sad even though i didnt know her. but LISA IS SUCH A GAY BUM cause she didnt even go cause she had "homework" im SO mad! cause we ALL had homework but its just out of respect to go!! like OMG LISA! i

felt kinda weird cause me and joy were like the only ones wearing alot of black. then naomi there parents got there and angelas too. and they were wearing mostly black too. cause like everyone that was from Oak Ridge was wearing like color except Mrs. Johnson's family. so we kinda felt outa place cause we were wearing black. but its all good cuase they showed up in black.

well chris, i wore exacly what u told me too wear. && it looked really CUTE together!! haha. a GUY WITH STYLE! haha!! thanks a BUNCH for the help!!!!! haha i now know CHRIS SLATES PASSWORD.. if u want it.. just tell me!! haha.. JKJK. i wont tell ne one. promise. haha. =oP

well thursday i think is my LAST day in keyboarding!! then i get to switch to acad. orien. FUN FUN. haha. yeah right! but i like being able to get online in the middle of the day. even if i CAN NOT get on myspace or xanga or aim. oh well.. ive got PHUSEBOX! haha. =oD im GLAD that phusebox isnt HUGE like myspace yet. so i can still get on. hehe..

OMGAH! just go my grade! i have a 96 in KEYBOARDING! LOL. i should have a HUNDRED! i mean c'mon its KEYBOARDING! oh well ive got LOTS of extra credit! haha. it'll bring my GRADE UP ALOT! hehe. even though i already ahve an A! hehe.

gosh i have a freak 83 in ALGEBRA! how gay is that?! it keeps going DOWN!! =( maybe i should start STUDYING... hehe. woops. my bad. i havent been studying @ all. haha. ohh well.. as long as i end up with an A or B. im GOOD. ahahah!! =)

well ive got 1 final and 1 midterm THURSDAY and 2 midterms FRIDAY!! i SHOULD/NEED TO STUDY! haha. thats prob NOT ganna happen. oh well..

haha. yeah so i think i spend TOO much time with my YOUTH GROUP! ive seen them everyday since FRIDAY! haha. friday we had YOUTH & hung out with the TFC people. SATURDAY. we did that door hangers thing & hung out with the GiRLS after SHOPPING iN pigeon fordge. SUNDAY we had CHURCH and hung out for a bit w/ the TFC people. MONDAY we were @ Lin. & Whit's grandma's funeral. BUT I WILL NOT SEE NE OF THEM UNTIL SAT! yeah! time away 4rm them! haha. jk. they r CoOLeR than UR YOUTH GROUP! haha. but i would see them all todya if i had gone to the BURIAL @ noon. but parents wouldnt let me skip school. darn. haha. ohh  well..

but yeah. class is ALMOST over! yeay! then i get to go to BUSINESS PRINCPLE! fun fun eh? hah anot really. oh well. haha. its a fun class i guess.. well the people in it are FUN!

OMGAH DrAMA DrAMa DRAmA! taking OVER MY LIFE! i HATE having friends who cause SO MUCH STUPID DRAMA! LIKE OMGAH!!!!

yeah so i think i WRITE TOO MUCH! haha. oh well. =oD

this weekend = AMAZINGLY FUN && please pray for Lindsey Styles whole FAMILY!!!

March 05 2006

so this weekend was pretty darn FUNN!!!!

friday-- left home @ 5:45ish hung out @ church with youth group untikl the Tacoah* Falls Students got there around 8 but they were suppose to be there around 6. oh well. haha.. well they did their thing, and we all went to dinner around like 9 PM. haha.. i got home around 11ish

and friday night around 9:00-- lindsey's grandma died. please pray for her family. they knew it was ganna happen that night so atleast they were able to spend that time with her. but please just pray for her family. thanks!

saturday-- left home @ 8:40 AM. got to church about 9:05 me & angela got there sorta late. woops. haha. well they were talking about what TO DO & what NOT TO DO while we were doing the door hanger thingys. well from 10-12 me lisa and cebert (cool old guy) went around to almost 300 homes!! well most of them were apartments but whatever. well when we got back to church, we all ate lunch together.

then after lunch we were all ganna hang out. then the Tacoah Falls Students DITCHED US FOR PASTOR DALE!!! gnia was SO pissed off. it was kinda FUNNY. but then we ditched them cause they ditched us first. so angela went over to johnny there place and i went over to joy & gnias and then since joyce and juda were there, we went to PIGEON FORDGE to go SHOPPING! long story SHORTER, haha, i ONLY got 2 purses. =) & i spent LESS THAN $10 BUCKS! go me and my SALES!! haha.

oh yeah and when we were @ OLD NAVY there was a SIGN that said 2 for 5!! && there were the REALLY cute flats (shoes) and i was ganna get them & so was joy. so we went to go pay (got a purse there too i almost got the one that jennifer got but i didnt i got a different one) well it turns out that they WERE NOT 2 for 5.. it was 2 for 5 FLIP FLOPS!!!! i was like OMG JOY UR SO GAY!! haha. well then i got a purse from RUE 21 too.. i SHOULD HAVE gotten those sunglasses that i DIDNT GET!! =(

well then we went to Mc D's idk y since we were SUPPOSE to go eat @ my weekend home. well then we stopped by their house to get all their cars since after the land we were all going to different places.

well we were @ the land for like max of 15 mins. then we (me, joy, angela, and lisa-- lisa && angela were already @ the land) went to the mall to meet the tacoah falls girls. (Jennifer Xiong, Mary Vang, and Krista something.. they are VERY COOL GiRLS!!) well we met up with them at the West Town Mall, then we decided to go to the Dollar Theatre-- yes we know we ARE CHEAP. haha. & saw LAST HOLIDAY!! it was pretty good!! very funny @ some parts. haha.

then lisa came over to spend the night we got back around midnight.

and this whole time the guys-- johnny, peter ly, peter crank, aaron, gnia, && joseph r hanging out with the Tacoah Falls Guys-- Char (haha my LAST NAME) Vang (LISA's LAST NAME), Leng something, and Nick something. i have NO clue what they did. but they were @ josephs place the whole time.

well today (sunday) we (me, lisa, kayla, isabelle, and symon) woke up @ 7:30 well i woke up @ 7:00 to shower.. well ne ways. we left for church around 8:30 got there @ 9:00 and hung out at church until 9:30 when sunday school started.

well me & lisa were like FALLING ASLEEP during sunday school cause we didnt go to bed until like 1? or something like that. and then went to service, and then after church was over we all ate lunch together--pizza, and then around 2 pm the tacoah falls students left to go home. and everyone went to play tennis but me joy & my sister kayla cause we went shopping in farragut. YES I SAID FARRAGUT LISA!! just cause i go to FHS doesnt mean ne thing BAD! haha. ur just JEALOUS cause farragut is BETTER than powell..

sry got kind off topic for a second. but ne ways. umm i saw amy ford and shelby gordon @ khols! i was like AMY! omg i havnet seen u in like a YEAR! lol. she goes to bearden =( i wish i went to bearden. well ne ways.. umm this weekend was AMAZINGLY FUN!! i feel bad though cause i was suppsoe to hang out with Kayla LeTard, but i canceled so i could hang out with youth group & tacoah falls ppl but it was a fun weekend.

but tomorrow is Lindseys grandmas funeral. well the service is tomorrow night and the burial is tuesday afternoon. just pray for her family please. her grandma was so SWEET!!!

me && my cool brother jordan aka jj. yeah he looks BORED cause he was too busy playing STUPID VIDEO GAMES!! haha.

wow that was REALLY long. i hope someone read it. lol. its cool if u didnt though.. lol..


March 03 2006

in keyboarding.


done with EVERYTHING!!


March 01 2006

yeah so YESTURDAY, a woman was KIDNAPPED @ THE COVE! which is like 7-10 mins down the road from my neighborhood! && like 10 mins away from school! how scary is that?

so yeah.. & a cop went to investigate && got SHOT IN THE ARM! or shoulder..

well heres the story.. there was a white van on the side of the road and a cop went to go see if they were lost or something.. but then they waved to him saying they were fine.. but he went over to the van ne ways just to check && heard a woman screaming for HELP in the van and thats when they shot him in the shoulder... and drove off FAST!! 

&& they looked for the van but could NOT find it.. so yeah.. i think the guy/people? who took that lady r still missing... so is the lady.

&& the cop who was shot was my sisters friends dad. but he is OK. they let him leave the hospital that same night.

but yeah basically.. i just think its kinda scary that someone was KIDNAPPED at a park we go to all the time in the summer.. && that its like about 10 mins. down the road from MY HOUSE and from SCHOOL!!! but yeah its SCARY && my parents r all paranoide (sp?) now..  

umm yeah..

February 27 2006
.. i think if u'd LOVED me.. u'd leave me some COMMENTS.. hehe.. =)

all in all

February 23 2006

You are my strength when I am weak,
You are the treasure that I seek, 
You are my all in all.
Seeking You as a precious jewel,
Lord to give up I'd be a fool,

You are my all in all.                                                                     Jesus, Lamb of God, worthy is Your name.
Jesus, Lamb of God, worthy is Your name.

Taking my sin, my cross, my shame,
Rising again I bless Your name,
You are my all in all.
When I fall down You pick me up,
When I am dry you fill my cup,
You are my all in all.

yeah i think i OFFICIALLY have the most OVER PROTECTIVE PARENTS EVER!!

February 20 2006

yeah so i think my parents r officially the most over protective parents like EVER!!!

yeah so they DID NOT let me go this weekend =(

ARE NOT letting me go to the WINTER JAM CONCERT on March 17 just cause they will be in CA but we'll be staying with my grandparents && they sure wont care..

i cant go to this thing on march like 4th cause my uncle is suppose to come to knoxville.. but ill see him like a couple weeks later so it really doesnt matter

oh yeah did i meantion they WONT let me go to CAMP!! well its called CAMP but its more of a confrence. its some youth camp thing in like missouri or something.. idk.. && it is the LAST year they r ganna have it cause of region stuff or something... im not sure.. but they are stopping it after this year so i REALLY want to go!! but they already said NO like 5 thousand times!!  =(

i think i'm really mad @ them right now for being so over protective.

its not fair.

i really want to go to WINTER JAM && to CAMP!

=( it makes me sad that they wont let me go.

=( this year SUCKS.

5 weeks til winter break && thats probably not ganna be much fun either... dont think im going ne where since my parents will be in california WITHOUT us!!! =(

yeah who wants to hang out this spring break?? lisa? i think we should go to the BEACH like u said.. haha ask ur mom to take all of us for ur bday.. hehe.. yeah right... lol..

OMGOSH!! im so mad @ NAOMI right now! she was our youth group president for the last 2 years.. && she spent all the youth $$ on who knows what that we DID NOT even need INSTEAD of paying for our two little boys ((the boys that the youth sponsers)) && so now the youth owes $360 dollars && by the end of this month it will be $420 so yeah we have to raise that much $$ just because NAOMI spent a butt load of the youth $$ on the last lock-in && on christmas presents to the youth.. but personally i would have rather NOT have a lock-in && not get a $5 dollar gift certificate to the christian book store && paid that money.. we havent paid since sept. of 05' && its mostly her fault for NOT taking care of it.. so yeah all the new officers r MAD @ her.. && so is like a bunch of other ppl.. gosh that makes me mad!

but yeah.. this weekend has been LAME like i said it would be.. && apperently i cant do ne thing else that i want to do for like the next month or so.. so its ganna be lame too.. but this friday should be fun.. HOPEFULLY.


February 17 2006

yeah so i think i am about to have the LAMEST 4 DAY WEEKEND EVER!


EVERYONE BUT ME IS GOING!! stupid parents.. hehe.. jk.. i <3 them.. well lets see who is going..

 joy, gnia, tasha, chris, johnny, peter ly, symon, lisa, skyler, lindsey, angela, peter crank, joseph, umm i think other people are going too..

but NO NOT ME!! cause my parents are MEAN.. haha.. && TOO OVER PROTECTIVE!! everyones leaving TONIGHT && COMING BACK TOMORROW NIGHT..  yeah this weekend is ganna be VERY LAME!!!

i think they wont let me go cause of what happened last time i went to georgia.. hehe..

LONG STORY.. haha.. well not what happened IN GEORGIA.. but the trip back w/ gnia, jack, chris && joy.. haha NEVER ganna do that again.. haha.. that was a CRAZY ride back..

hehe.. i wonder if that REALLY is why they wont let me go.. humms.. idk.. i think they KNOW but dont want me to know that they know..

hums... yeah well this weekend is ganna be LAME!! call me if ya wanna hang out!! 806-3686 =oD or ill be stuck having some "FAMILY FUN" :o/